Faculty research groups in the Chemistry Department span the tradtional areas of chemistry and extend into areas of medicine, physics, mathematics, engineering, materials sicence, and biology.  Affiliated faculty from accross Duke bring additional intellectual resources and richness  to the Department's research activities.  Researchers in the Department are engaged in creating new knowledge and placing it in service to society.


View a listing of current research faculty by traditional research areas or by areas of research emphasis. This includes publications within individual faculty profiles.

Instrument Facilities

The Duke Chemistry Instrumentation Facility houses modern and diverse instrumentation for a range of analytical needs, including mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and a variety of spectroscopies.

Undergraduate Research Independent Study

There are many opportunities for Duke University Chemistry majors. Those listed below come from the materials the Department of Undergraduate Studies receives from other universities and business entities. For more information, see the Chemistry bulletin board across from room 1234 in the French Family Science Center, or visit Undergraduate Research Independent Study.