Sample Submissions

Duke researchers may submit samples for MS analysis by completing a Sample Submission Form (attached below), and delivering the samples and corresponding forms to FFSC 2323. 


  • Please enter all necessary information on the sample submission form. Multiple samples may be associated with a single submission form so long as sample information (identifier, structure, formula, molecular weight) for each compound are attached.
  • Samples may be submitted in FFSC 2323 by placing sample submission forms in the tray, and sample vials in the appropriate storage rack (ambient, refrigerator, and freezer). Each sample should have a unique sample identifier on the sample vial that matches information on the sample submission form, and it is preferred that vials not be attached to the submission forms.  
  • The default analysis for HRMS is a flow injection; please specify if chromatographic separation is also desired.
  • For more elaborate analyses extending beyond routine mass confirmation, please consult with the Facility Director. 

  For researchers outside of Duke University, please contact the Facility Director.