Diagnostic Quiz

Duke Sakai Site:

  1. Login to the Sakai site.
  2. Click HOME if necessary.
  3. Click Membership on the left menu bar.
  4. Click joinable sites: (site name: genchemplacement2023)
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  5. ​​Once joined, the syllabi for chem 99, 101, 110, and 201 courses are available under resources and the quiz is available under the tests and quizzes tab.
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  1. The quiz will take 20 minutes and students should have access to a scientific calculator. Only one attempt is allowed.
  2. The score will be released upon completion.
  3. Students are encouraged to take the quiz independently—without using any resources to get an accurate reflection of their preparation.


Registration Tips


Chem 99 does not have a laboratory component. Registration for Chem 99 is one step.


When registering for Chem 101, 110, or 201, students should have three components:

In Chem 101DL, for example, students should be enrolled in one of two lectures. The lectures meet twice a week for 75 minutes.

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Students should be enrolled in a 50-minute discussion section on Thursday or Friday.

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Finally, and this one is often overlooked, all students need to take a corresponding laboratory section. All 101, 110, and 201 labs ended in suffix “L9” to denote the laboratory component. The laboratory component has a separate instructor than the lecture component. Students will sign up for one laboratory session that meets for three hours one afternoon each week.


A subset of the 101 laboratories. Note that we are limited to 14 per laboratory according to fire code and cannot exceed this capacity.

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For chem 101, 110, and 201, students receive a combined grade for lecture, discussion, and laboratory. The laboratory component cannot be taken separately from lecture.