Degree Options

Majors in Chemistry

Chemistry Minor

Designed for students who do not wish to major in the field, but do invest significant time in chemistry courses.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry

The B.S. degree program is recommended for students planning to undertake graduate study in Chemistry or a related science (e.g. Biochemistry or Pharmacology) or for those contemplating employment in the chemical industry following graduation.

Bachelor of Arts (A.B. ) in Chemistry

Allows greater flexibility than the B.S. in scheduling and course selection. Students with interests in a second major or in advanced work in a professional school (e.g. medical, dental, veterinary, business, or law) following graduation should consider this program. Students with an interest in employment in the chemical or a related industry, or in advanced study in chemistry or a related science (e.g. Biochemistry or Pharmacology) may also consider this program, although they are encouraged to augment their program with additional upper-level chemistry courses.

Math and Physics Requirements

For all AB chemistry majors or BS chemistry majors with a concentration (Chemical biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, or Environmental) Math 111/122 or 122 or AP credit (for 112) is sufficient to satisfy the major requirements and satisfy the prerequisites for the Chem 301/302 physical chemistry sequence. Math 212 is required ONLY for students who are seeking a B.S. degree without a concentration and/or who wish to take the Chem 310/311 physical chemistry sequence. Most chemistry majors complete the 301/302 physical chemistry sequence. Any of the three physics sequences (121/122, 151/152, 161/162) can be used to satisfy the physics requirement for any of the chemistry major tracks.



Students working toward either their A.B. or B.S. degree in chemistry may opt to focus their studies in one of four concentration areas. Certification of this concentration will be designated the major's official transcript.


Changes in Major Declaration

If you change your chemistry major – such as, moving from an A.B. to a B.S. degree, or switching your concentration area, or adding a second major – you should do this by accessing the online link found here.