Instrument Rates

Instrument rates are adjusted for each new fiscal year. The current instrument rates for Duke University researchers are as follows (please contact the Facility Director regarding instrument rates for non-university researchers):

Instrument Instrument Rate (FY22-23)
Agilent LCMS Ion Trap $18.00/hr
Shimadzu GCMS $18.00/hr
Labconco Freeze Dryer $2.00/day
Thermo Speed Vac $5.00/hr
Agilent LCMS TOF $26.00/hr
Roche qPCR $7.50/hr
Agilent LCMS Triple-quad $22.00/hr
Bruker EPR $12.00/hr
Edinburgh Fluorometer $2.00/hr
Bruker MALDI $29.00/hr
Thermo Orbitrap Exploris $170.00/hr
Malvern ITC $33.00/day
NanoTemper Monolith MST $20.00/hr