Registration for Research Independent Study

Enrolling in First Semester of Independent Study

When you have found a research director, view the independent study requirements linked below. To request enrollment, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies at providing your name, email address and your PI's name and email address. A form similar to what is linked below will be sent to both you and your PI via AdobeSign. Once the AdobeSign document is completed and signed by both you and your PI, it will route to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. After review and approval, a permission number will be issued. PLEASE BEGIN PROCESS AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO WHEN DROP|ADD ENDS.

View Independent Study Requirements here

If your independent study is in the chemistry department, the DUS will give you a permission number for the appropriate section of CHEM 393. You can then register for independent study using DukeHub.

If your independent study is outside the chemistry department, the DUS will review your form to determine if the project is sufficiently chemical/molecular oriented to count toward chemistry major requirements and requirements for Graduation with Distinction in Chemistry. When the project has been approved, you need to obtain a permission number in order to register. If your research director has an independent study section listed in DukeHub, you must obtain from your research director the course number, section number, and a permission number for his/her independent study. You can then register for independent study using DukeHub. If your research director does not have an independent study section listed in DukeHub, your approved research will need to be sponsored by the DUS. The DUS will give you a permission number for a section of CHEM 393. You can then register for independent study using DukeHub.

CHEM 295, Introduction to Independent Study, 0.5 cc, is open to all majors, but is required for majors who are enrolling in their first semester of independent study in chemistry, CHEM 393 or in a related area, and who intend to pursue graduation with distinction in chemistry, or who intend to pursue a BS degree that is certified by ACS. Majors may take CHEM 295 for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory or regular letter grades depending on their needs. Those taking it for letter grades will also earn 0.5 cc toward the writing requirement (W). The writing component will focus on writing a research proposal and on writing progress reports for the major's project. The course is recommended for all majors.

Requesting Writing Credit for Independent Study

The procedure for W-credit for Independent Study is as follows. Prior to the end of Drop/Add of your final semester of participation in independent study, you can go to the Trinity Policies & Procedures site and print a form for requesting W-credit for one Independent Study course. Fill out the form, have your research mentor and DUS sign it, and deliver the completed form to room 011 Allen Building prior to the end of Drop/Add.