Finding a Research Director and Group

Participation in independent study requires identifying a faculty member who agrees to mentor you. Students are permitted to work broadly in the molecular sciences, and the mentor need not be a Chemistry faculty member. The Chemistry DUS office must approve the planned research. Majors who would like assistance in finding a research mentor may see the DUS in 1222 French Family Science Center (Suite 1219).

In addition, Duke now has a web site called MUSER to advertise undergraduate research positions. MUSER provides a central web-based location for Duke faculty, postdoctoral researchers, lab managers, and graduate students to advertise undergraduate research positions.

Finding a Research Director

It is critical to contact potential mentors one-on-one. Chemistry majors have had excellent research experiences in ChemistryBiochemistryPharmacology and Cancer Biology, the VA HospitalNicholas School of the EnvironmentPratt School of Engineering, and occasionally at National Laboratories and companies in Research Triangle Park. 

A list of current Chemistry faculty can be found here. This link allows you to sort by areas of research. Check the departmental sites linked above to find faculty in other departments.