Spectroscopy and Other Instruments

Additional shared instruments include:

Edinburgh Instruments FS5 Fluorometer (2117 FFSC)

  • Capabilities include equilibrium excitation/emission experiments, and lifetime measurements
  • Open access after training, or assisted operation available

TA Instruments TGA/DSC Combo (2117 FFSC)

  • Open access after training, or assissted operation available

Labconco Freeze Dryer (1202 FFSC)

  • Open access after training

Thermo Speed Vac (2117 FFSC)

  • Open access after training

LVEM5 Benchtop Electron Microscope (1202 FFSC)

  • Open access after training

Roche qPCR Lightcycler 480 (2117 FFSC)

  • Open access after training

Bruker X-band EMXplus EPR Spectrometer (B208 LSRC)

  • Instrument owned/maintaned by the Department of Biochemistry
  • Equipped with cryo-free VT system
  • Continuous wavelength characterization of radicals and metals between 5K and ambient temperature
  • Contact: Dr. Kenichi Yokoyama (

Autoclave (3214 FFSC)

Ozonizer (2126 FFSC)

Bioimaging Systems UVP Epi Chemi II Darkroom Plate Imager ()

Rudolph Autopol I Polarimeter (1236 FFSC)

Thermo FTIR (1236 FFSC)

Bruker Kappa Apex II CCD X-ray Diffractometer (1267 FFSC)