Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire and Police 911 (from a Duke land line); (919)684-2444 (from a cell phone)
Building and Equipment Emergencies 684-2122
Radiation Safety 684-2194
Poison Control Center (emergency treatment in case of exposure to to alkylating agents) 1-800-848-6946 (Can also dial 113 and ask for Poison Control Center)
Maintenance Emergencies (Plumbing & Electrical problems) 684-2122
OESO Occupational & Environmental Safety Office 684-2794 (Chemical, Laboratory & Env. Safety Issues)
Public Safety 684-2444
University Safety Office (Other Safety Issues) 684-5609

Information to Be Provided in an Emergency Phone Call

  • Location — Room ____, French Family Science Center (Science Drive behind the BioSci and Physics Buildings).
  • What you see: Flame and/or smoke. Describe smell of smoke. Describe odor of gas. Specify if serious injuries are involved.
  • What is burning or what was spilled. Flammable liquids (kind), combustibles (kind), toxic substances, etc. Quantity in room, if known.
  • Name of caller. Stay on phone until dispatcher hangs up.

Safety Information

For further Safety Information contact the Office of Occupational & Environmental Safety at or 919-684-8822.   . SafetyInfo has links to on-line MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). Please also see the online Safety Manual.