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Academic Year 2022 -23 Tutor List

Tutor Email Courses
Yin Mei Chan yinmei.chan@duke.edu CHEM 101, 201, 202
Mitch Rivers mitch.rivers@duke.edu CHEM 201, 202
Grace Bertles grace.bertles@duke.edu CHEM 101, 201, 202
Heidi Kastenholz heidi.kastenholz@duke.edu CHEM 210
Xujun Zheng xujun.zheng@duke.edu CHEM 201, 202
Victoria Cinnater victoria.cinnater@duke.edu CHEM 201, 202
Taylor Outlaw taylor.outlaw@duke.edu CHEM 201

Addison Duda

Nathan Wong



CHEM 101, 210

CHEM 101, 110

Xiao Huang  xiao.huang@duke.edu CHEM 110

David Gooden


CHEM 201, 202


Group Tutorials

Through the Academic Resource Center, students needing assistance in select introductory chemistry courses can join small groups – 2 to 5 students – that meet once a week for an hour. Simply sign-up for a group and you will receive email confirmation of your assigned group and your tutor's name.

Group Tutorial Courses

Course Number Course Title
CHEM 101DL Core Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 110 DL Honors Chemistry: Core Concepts in Context
CHEM 201DL Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 202L Organic Chemistry II