The Chemistry Department Committee for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community works to identify and recommend practices, procedures, and activities that the Department can incorporate to recruit, retain, train, and mentor our department’s members in ways that propagate and make visible the values of diversity and an inclusive culture.

We use the following guiding principles for promoting well-conceived policies and procedures that create a supportive climate within the department:

  • Transparency/Communication: Making all kinds of information available and easy to find
  • Uniformity/Inclusion: Leveling the field, dealing equitably with all constituents, and ensuring that members feel included.
  • Assistance: Attending to the needs of departmental constituents (faculty, students, and staff); connecting individuals to mentoring and other types of help.

If you have comments you’d like to share with the Chemistry Department Committee for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community, you may contact us individually at the email addresses listed below or by contacting the DivInC as a group:

Prof. Amanda Hargrove  (
Prof. Stephen Craig (
Prof. Charlie Cox (
Alex Cai, graduate student in the Hargrove lab (
Kamillah Kassam, graduate student in the Hargrove Lab (
Dr. Peter Silinski, Research Associate Senior (
Kiriko Terai, graduate student in the Beratan lab (
Anna Truong, graduate student in the Derbyshire lab (

If you prefer to send an anonymous comment, you can do so via this link: