If you have comments you’d like to share with the Chemistry Department Committee for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community, you may contact us individually at the email addresses listed below or by contacting the DivInC as a group:

Prof. Kathryn Haas (
Prof. Ivan Moreno-Hernandez (
Zina Charyshnikova, graduate student in the Beratan lab (
Victoria Cinnater, graduate student in the Therien lab (
Dr. Catherine Denning-Jannace, postdoctoral associate in the Franz lab (
Dr. David Grass, research associate in the Warren lab (
Alexis Johnson, graduate student in the Welsher lab (
Anthony Mack, graduate student in the Craig lab (
Lynn O'Neill, Coordinator, Graduate Program (
Utsuki Yano, graduate student in the Lynch lab (

If you prefer to send an anonymous comment, you can do so via this link:

Grad Report

The Duke Graduate School has partnered with Ph.D. candidate Kirsten Overdahl and the Duke Office for Institutional Equity to create an interactive guide for reporting harassment, discrimination, and other concerns. This guide was designed to help answer common questions that students often have about reporting problematic situations but might be hesitant to ask. The tool will help students understand the options and processes for reporting and provides guidance and resources, to include a list of contacts. We encourage all members of the department to become familiar with the Guide, found here