Student Organizations

Graduate Chemistry Council (GCC)

The Duke University Graduate Chemistry Council (Facebook, Twitter) is the governing body of the Department of Chemistry and serves to coordinate fun and engaging activities for the advancement of the department, both academically and socially. Contact:

GCC 2022-2023 Officers 

Jarrett Mansergh Headshot

Jarrett Mansergh, President. Jarrett is a third-year student in the Therien lab studying bioenergetic charge transfer mechanisms via molecular and de novo protein constructs. Outside of Duke, Jarrett enjoys running, craft beer, traveling, and spending time with friends and family!



Jacob Williams Headshot

Jacob Williams, Vice President. Jacob is a fourth-year student in the Yang lab studying fundamental aspects of density functional theory (DFT) for electronic structure problems. His current project is adapting a correction to DFT called LOSC to crystalline materials. Outside of lab, he enjoys reading both fiction and nonfiction books, playing the piano and the game of Go, and relaxing at home with his wife and sundry pets.


Niven Singh

Niven Singh, Treasurer. Niven is a fourth-year student in the Beratan lab studying de novo protein design, drug discovery, biological electron transfer, and multi-particle kinetics.  Niven is a student in the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics program. 



Carlos Monteagudo Outside

Carlos Monteagudo, Secretary. Carlos is a second-year student in the Franz lab.




Graduate and Professional Student Council

The Graduate and Professional Student Council of Duke University (GPSC) advocates for the needs of all graduate and professional students and seeks to build community among this diverse population. All graduate students are automatically sponsored by the Department of Chemistry.