Student Organizations

Graduate Chemistry Council (GCC)

The Duke University Graduate Chemistry Council (Instagram, Twitter) is the governing body of the Department of Chemistry and serves to coordinate fun and engaging activities for the advancement of the department, both academically and socially. Contact:

GCC 2023-2024 Officers 


Heidi Kastenholz, President. Heidi is a fourth-year student in the Warren lab studying nonlinear microscopy and art pigments. Outside of the lab, Heidi enjoys reading, taking care of her plants, and spending time with friends!






Lindsay Pederson, Vice President. Lindsay is a third-year student in the Therien lab where she synthesizes and studies novel molecular systems with interesting photophysical properties. Outside of the lab, Lindsay enjoys hiking, reading, pole dancing, and drinking large volumes of coffee!





Loren Smith, Treasurer. Loren is a second year in the Warren lab studying NMR hyperpolarization. In her free time, Loren enjoys knitting, reading all sorts of fiction, and convincing everyone she knows and loves to re-watch Disney Pixar's Ratatouille (2007).




Andrew Smith, Secretary. Andrew is a second year in the Beratan lab studying centimeter-scale electron transfer in cable bacteria. When he isn't in the lab, Andrew enjoys hiking, kayaking, and watching Monte Python films.





Chair Positions:

Recruitment Co-Chairs: Victoria Cinnater and Natalie Shulte

Hill Lecture Co-Chairs: Carlos Monteagudo and Claire Ogilvie

GPSG Representatives: Madeline Merriman and Matt Bonacci

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Heidi Kastenholz and Emma Walter

Chemistry Research Symposium Co-Chairs: Lindsay Pederson and Avery Vigil

Outreach Coordinators: Amy Robison, Addison Duda, Leah Bontreger, and Avery Vigil

Media Coordinators: Alexis Johnson and Alex Foret

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Representatives: International: Yin Mei Chan and Utsuki Yano; Domestic: Victoria Cinnater and Alexis Johnson

Professional Development Co-Chairs: Natalie Schulte and Leah Bontreger

Alumni Relations Co-Chair: Madeline Merriman, Aulane Mpouli and Addison Duda

Graduate and Professional Student Council

The Graduate and Professional Student Council of Duke University (GPSC) advocates for the needs of all graduate and professional students and seeks to build community among this diverse population. All graduate students are automatically sponsored by the Department of Chemistry.