Considering pursuing your Chemistry PhD at Duke?  We hope you are!  We also understand and appreciate the challenges of this SPRING 2020 semester.  When you put together your graduate school application to Duke Chemistry's PhD program next Fall or in future years, rest assured your SPRING 2020 transcript will not define you. Your resilience and fortitude to complete your undergraduate degree in the face of COVID-19 will!  Duke Chemistry will look forward to reviewing your application and learning how COVID-19 impacted your studies and research plans and what you did to persevere. As you navigate the best way forward to complete your undergraduate degree in these extraordinary times, know that Duke Chemistry understands the challenges you face. 

Why Choose Duke Chemistry?

Duke's Chemistry Ph.D. program emphasizes research and most of our students' time is spent directly pursuing their own original research. Student research is routinely reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is also documented in a comprehensive Ph.D. dissertation document which is formally presented and defended before each student's supervisory committee. Our doctoral students pursue their professional career goals in a challenging and supportive environment. Our students will:

  • Learn to formulate and contribute to solving grand challenges which are fundamentally molecular in nature
  • Receive intensive, one-on-one research training with faculty mentors from the department and 8 other affiliated departments across campus
  • Enjoy Duke’s rich culture for science that has produced two recent “home grown” Chemistry Nobel Prize winners
  • Learn in a collaborative environment that integrates state-of-the-art theory, modeling, and simulation with cutting-edge experimentation
  • Collaborate at the interfaces with research from our top-ten School of Medicine and Pratt School of Engineering departments
  • Enjoy an outstanding quality of live in a diverse, green and culturally booming environment, enriched by two additional research universities nearby
  • Hone “soft skills” of scientific communication in an environment that encourages purposeful development of this essential talent

Our graduates go on to careers in academia, industry and government.

Duke does not admit students to a master's degree program in Chemistry.

Graduate Student Handbook