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Computing Resources

The Chemistry Department Computer Services provides consultation, support, and trouble-shooting of hardware, software and network services on a full-time basis in cooperation with Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Office of Technology Services (TTS).

Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire and Police 911 (from a Duke land line); (919)684-2444 (from a cell phone)
Building and Equipment Emergencies 684-2122
Radiation Safety 684-2194
Poison Control Center (emergency treatment in case of exposure to to alkylating agents) 1-800-848-6946 (Can also dial 113 and ask for Poison Control Center)
Maintenance Emergencies (Plumbing & Electrical problems) 684-2122
OESO Occupational & Environmental Safety Office 684-2794 (Chemical, Laboratory & Env. Safety Issues)
Public Safety 684-2444
University Safety Office (Other Safety Issues) 684-5609

Information to Be Provided in an Emergency Phone Call

  • Location — Room ____, French Family Science Center (Science Drive behind the BioSci and Physics Buildings).
  • What you see: Flame and/or smoke. Describe smell of smoke. Describe odor of gas. Specify if serious injuries are involved.
  • What is burning or what was spilled. Flammable liquids (kind), combustibles (kind), toxic substances, etc. Quantity in room, if known.
  • Name of caller. Stay on phone untill dispatcher hangs up.

Safety Information

For further Safety Information contact Dr. Todd Woerner at 660-1525. SafetyInfo has links to on-line MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). Please also see the online Safety Manual.

Resources for Proposal and Grant Development

The Office of Research Development in the Division of Natural Sciences identifies proposal and funding opportunities of interest to natural sciences faculty and provides pre-award support for grants - particularly large, complex, interdisciplinary, and/or multidisciplinary proposals - including proposal development, editing, formatting, and submission support.  Research Development is available to assist faculty with coordinating complex projects across Natural Science departments, other schools, University Institutes, units at Duke and beyond.

The Office of Research Support, under the guidance of the Vice Provost for Research, oversees several administrative areas for research:

  • Grants, Contracts and Compliance
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Human Subjects Protection
  • Export Controls