For Majors

Obtaining an Advisor in Chemistry

Once your major has been processed by the Registrar, you will receive a welcome message from the chemistry department notifying you that your faculty advisor will be appointed just prior to the next registration. Until then, contact the DUS with any questions you may have.

Advising by Faculty

Prior to both fall and spring registration, majors will meet with a faculty advisor to discuss their course selections, their progress toward a degree in chemistry, and career options.  You can identify your major advisor and find their physical and e-mail address on DukeHub.

General Advising

Includes advising for registrations. In addition to faculty advisors, majors may contact the DUS for advising appointments at any time.

For Pre-Majors

Advising of students who have not declared a major is done by the DUS in chemistry. (Contact

Careers in Chemistry

Assistance in all matters concerning careers may be obtained at the Career Hub on Duke Campus. Services available at the Career Hub include preparation of resumes and cover letters and preparation for interviews, etc.

  • The American Chemical Society maintains a comprehensive website on careers in chemistry. It includes brief descriptions of 30 different career options careers in chemistry and planning for graduate school.
  • The National Academy of Sciences has published "Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond" and made it available here.

Careers in Medicine

For information on getting into Medical School, see the website at health professions.

For Those on The Graduate School Path

Majors who are interested in Graduate Schools should become familiar with the Pregraduate Office which provide information on the decision to go to graduate school, preparation, applying including Timeline for application, and funding. In the case of funding for chemistry graduate schools, you usually can get a fellowship and employment in a chemistry department so that funding should not be a major concern.

For Those Preparing for Graduation 

If you are a senior and will be graduating in December of this year or May of next year, it is time to plan for your future. Below are some procedures and resources that may be of specific help to you.

Medical School

If you intend to pursue medical school or a related area, you should be registered with the Health Professions Advising Center and should be working closely with their advising staff.

Career in Chemistry

If you intend to get a job in the field of chemistry or a related area, you should be registered with the Career Hub. They have computer listings of companies that will be interviewing on campus, job openings, etc. They have sessions on writing resumes and can provide practice in interviewing techniques. They also have a library containing both books and videotapes dealing with careers. If you are interested in employment, you should immediately contact the Career Center. You need to get involved in writing a resume, working on interview techniques, arranging for interviews, etc.

Graduate School

If you intend to go to graduate school in chemistry or a related area, you should be in contact with Dean Rachael Murphey-Brown who is the advisor for graduate study. You should also be writing or emailing graduate schools to get information, application forms, determining the need for taking Graduate Record Examinations, etc.  Please bear in mind that almost all graduate programs in the field of chemistry will offer you support as a teaching assistant and so advanced study in chemistry need not cost you anything!