Highly Conjugated NIR-absorbing Fluorophores Display Extraordinary Absolute Fluorescence Quantum Yield Values


The Therien lab studied highly conjugated porphyrin arrays and incorporated proquinoidal linkers— small molecules that have closely aligned LUMO energy levels to the parent porphyrins arrays. They found that capping porphyrin arrays with proquinoidal moleculesarray preserves and enhances conjugation, resulting in a red-shifted emission, while also increasing the radiative rate constant, making these systems uniquely good NIR fluorophores. Read about this excellent work by Erin, Dr. Peng Zhang and former Therien lab members in a recent Chemical Science, available here.  Congratulations to Erin and her team on being selected as Chemical Science's “Pick of the Week" as well as being recognized as one of the Journal’s “2020 Hot Articles"!