Advances in Photonics (GE, IM)

CHEM 630

Overview of photonics techniques and their applications. The course will enhance students' understanding and knowledge of advanced techniques and introduce them to a variety of applications in photonics, the science and technology associated with interactions of light with matter. Photonics techniques include: advanced luminescence, Raman and SERS, optical coherence, advanced microscopy, near-field and confocal methods, remote sensing, and optical biosensing. Applications include: environmental sensing, medical diagnostics, assays using optical detection, optics in multispectral imaging, photonics and solar cells, and nanophotonics. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing in BME or Chemistry.


Prerequisite: Senior or graduate standing in Biomedical Engineering or Chemistry

Cross-Listed As
  • BME 555
Typically Offered
Spring Only