Mission Statement

The Department of Chemistry aims to equip our students with the conceptual and experimental tools required to understand and manipulate the molecular world.   The department offers classroom, laboratory, and independent study experiences that span the traditional areas of chemistry (analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry), as well as the interdisciplinary frontiers. 


More on Chemistry's Mission

The department emphasizes independent and collaborative research where students can participate in the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, and where they can integrate and apply the chemical knowledge and skills they have learned in their courses in the context of original work. Majors need a depth of chemical knowledge and skills that will enable them to pursue graduate studies in chemistry or related sciences; professional degrees in health sciences or engineering; advanced degrees in non-science fields such as law or business that can be combined with a chemistry background for careers such as patent law or management in the chemical industry; or to proceed directly to the work force in areas such as education, industry, government and private research laboratories, or business, for example pharmaceutical sales. For majors in other science and engineering disciplines the department seeks to provide a firm grounding in the essential principles and applications of chemistry that can serve as a foundation for understanding the molecular underpinnings of other disciplines such as biology or materials science. For non-scientists the department seeks to provide a basic understanding of chemistry and the scientific method that will enable them to evaluate critically and make informed decisions on issues relating to science, technology, and society.