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The Hong Lab Reports the Synthesis of (+)-dactylolide in 19 Steps

The Hong lab has recently reported the total synthesis of (+)-dactylolide in 19 steps for the longest sequence from commercially available 1,3-dithiane with an overall yield of 1.4%. The total synthesis of (+)-dactylolide was accomplished through the 1,6-oxa conjugate addition reaction of a 2,4-dienal for the facile synthesis of the 2,6-cis-2-(4-oxo-2-butenyl)-tetrahydropyran subunit, the umpolung alkylation reaction of a cyanohydrin, and the NHC-catalyzed oxidative macrolactonization reaction for the synthesis of the 20-membered macrocyle of the natural product. K. Lee et al. Angewandte Chemie.