Research + Discoveries

  • MONET Team Paves the Way for Polymer Informatics

    The MONET team has collaborated on the publication of an ACS Cent Sci paper detailing a new structurally based representation system that is capable of handling the stochastic nature of polymers.

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  • Welsher Lab Opens New Avenues to Probe Contact of Virions with Cells and Tissue

    Dr. Shangguo Hou of the Welsher lab has developed an adaptive real-time 3D single particle tracking method which can capture the binding events of single viruses to the surface of live cells. The microscope uses an adaptive algorithm which changes tracking parameters to adjust to changes in the motion of the virus particle. This method opens new avenues into probing the first contacts of virions with cells and tissue.

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  • Therien and Beratan Labs Get Excited About Solar Energy

    The labs of Professors Michael Therien and David Beratan have collaborated to engineer polarized excited states to "U-Turn" electron transfer.

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  • Derbyshire Lab Takes Aim at Human Cell Machinery

    A team effort by the Derbyshire lab has led to the identification of human genes and pathways that facilitate the infection of liver cells by Plasmodium parasites, the causative agents of malaria. Their results suggest that this parasite co-opts the vesicular trafficking of its host cell to support its dramatic growth during the liver stage of infection. This work provides insights into the poorly understood interactions between Plasmodium parasites and the host liver cells they invade.

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  • Franz Lab Interfaces Inorganic Chemistry and Cellular Biology while Outside of Metal Comfort Zones

    Knowledge of metal-trafficking processes can be leveraged to develop small molecules that help cells regain metal homeostasis for optimal cellular function or conversely that push cells away from homeostasis and into cellular distress.

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