Sharing Chemistry with the Community

Dr. Kenneth Lyle has developed a program of community chemistry education that fires the scientific imagination in students of all ages. Share Chemistry with the community through demos at your school, science fair, youth group, etc.

Chemistry 180

Chemistry 180 is about the opportunity for you, the student, to share your interest in and enthusiasm for science, specifically chemistry, with the general populace residing within the communities surrounding Duke University. Contact Ken Lyle (ken.lyle@duke.edu) for the most recent syllabus.

Summer Mentoring Program

A hallmark of the Duke Chemistry summer research experience is that undergraduates are fully integrated into the culture of the department through relationships not only with their faculty Primary Investigator (PI) and lab, but also with assigned graduate student mentors.

Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology (BOOST)

BOOST is an exciting new, multi-dimensional program designed to excite young students — particularly under-represented minorities — about science and inspire them to pursue careers in medicine and related fields.

NC ProjectSEED

The NC Project SEED program runs from mid-June to mid-July each summer at Duke University. Rising juniors and seniors in high school with a chemistry background or future academic plan are invited to join a graduate research lab in the Department of Chemistry. Students from outside of the Triangle area are invited to live on-campus, ensuring their experience allows a full spectrum experience of life at a research university.


ScienceDays is a student-run volunteer program that focuses on fostering scientific curiosity in elementary school students by engaging them in interactive learning opportunities beyond the ordinary classroom experience.  We conduct simple and hands-on science experiments and demonstrations to teach scientific principles and inspire a passion for science.  For more information, please contact duke@sciencedays.org.


InnoWorks is an innovative science and engineering initiative “By Students, For Students,” designed and implemented by college volunteers for middle-school students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

Duke Chemistry is proud to support the North Caroline Museum of Life and Science by donating liquid nitrogen to the The Lab for demonstrations of Super Cool Fun With Liquid Nitrogen.

Summer 2012 Outreach - Duke CDF Freed Schools Program

The Duke University Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools® program launched in Summer 2011 to serve the 60 students who participated in the 2010-11 Afterschool Reading Academy, building upon the academic intervention provided during the school year.