Logan Glasstetter Receives Faculty Scholars Award

Logan Glasstetter

Congratulations to Chemistry major Logan Glasstetter, one of three recipients of this year’s Faculty Scholars Awards, the highest bestowed by Duke faculty on undergraduates! The award honors students for a record of innovative and independent research and scholarship.

Logan, a double major in chemistry and biology, is conducting collaborative research with Professor Kathy Franz and with Professor Steve Craig in the NSF funded Monet Center. Logan’s primary research focus has been on the force-coupled behavior of salient, polymer-embedded chemical structures, including those relevant to organometallic catalysis and rational design of degradable polymers.  

In addition to polymer chemistry, Logan has studied a range of biomedical disciplines through his coursework, including pharmacology, immunology, chemical biology, pathology and biopolymers. He will parlay the interdisciplinary nature of his science in to a biomedical research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His research will focus on the intersection between regenerative medicine, biomaterials, and orthopedics.

After graduation, Logan plans to enroll in a MD/PhD program to combine his knowledge of polymer behavior under force to study biomaterials design, protein phase separation, force-actuated drug delivery, or mechanobiology.  Read more about Logan and the Faculty Scholars Award in Duke Today.