News + Announcements
  • Amanda Hargrove Receives NIH MIRA!

    Professor Amanda Hargrove has received a Maximizing Investigator’s Research Award (R35).  Professor Hargrove’s research under this award will aim to develop a diverse but uniquely RNA-targeted small molecule library along with effective general strategies for the targeting of disease-related RNA structures. Congratulations to Amanda and her research group on receipt of this prominent award!

  • Weitao Yang Selected as NC ACS Distinguished Lecturer

    The North Carolina Section of the ACS will present Prof. Weitao Yang with the 2017 Distinguished Lecturer Award in recognition of his significant research contributions to the chemical sciences. This year, Professor Yang will serve as the keynote speaker at the Local Section Conference on November 17. Congratulations, Weitao!


  • Vo-Dinh Alumnus Selected for Springer Theses

    The Ph.D. dissertation by Yang Liu, a former Chemistry graduate student in the Vo-Dinh group, has recently been selected for the Springer Theses series.  Yang's thesis:  "Multifunctional Gold Nanostars for Cancer Theranostics”, will be featured in the Series, which annually publishes the best theses from internationally top-ranked research institutes.  Congratulations to Yang!


  • Department Seeking New Director of Shared Instrument Facility

    The Department is accepting applications for the Director of the Chemistry Department’s Shared Instrument Facility. The Director is responsible for the overall operation of the Facility, which includes but is not limited to instrument monitoring and maintenance, oversight of sample analyses, user training, administration for the Facility, and working with faculty to maximize the Facility's impact on the Department’s research output. The facility houses instrumentation for mass spectrometry and a variety of spectroscopies.

  • Kevin Welsher Receives NIH-MIRA

    Professor Kevin Welsher has received his first NIH award, the prestigious Maximizing Investigator’s Research Award (R35).  Professor Welsher’s research aims to develop virus-locked 3D imaging methods to enable continuous observation throughout the infectious cycle from the perspective of a single virion. These methods will investigate the interactions of viral particles with the extracellular matrix, the cell membrane and cell surface receptors with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution.