News + Announcements
  • Prof. Emily Derbyshire Highlighted for Combating Liver-Stage Malaria

    Professor Emily Derbyshire has been highlighted by The Scientist! Find out what sparked her interest in studying Malaria in the feature here






  • Hargrove is Taking Biochemistry to the Next Level

    Prof. Amanda Hargrove was named one of 34 prominent scientists moving Biochemistry into the future!  The Biochemistry "Future of Biochemistry: The International Issue" highlights Amanda's work toward RNA molecular recognition in Part Four of this special issue. Congratulations to Amanda and her lab on their recognition!  Read more on their exciting research in a recent edition of Biochemistry, available here.


  • Prof. Kevin Welsher Receives NSF CAREER

    Professor Kevin Welsher has received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award! Kevin’s research group will be developing "target-locked" microscopy tools to follow the rapid motions of single proteins and cellular cargo transport machinery within cells in real time. Congratulations to Kevin and his research group on receipt of this prominent award!

    K Welsher


  • Dr. Felix Nwogbo Receives Samuel DuBois Cook Award

    Congratulations to Dr. Felix Nwogbo!  Felix has been named as a recipient of the 2019 Samuel DuBois Cook Society Awards, which recognize individuals who routinely enrich the lives of people in the Duke community and contribute to the betterment of all people, above and beyond their given roles. Felix shares this award with Ms. Dionna Gamble, a graduate student in MGM. 

  • David Beratan Receives the Murray Goodman Memorial Prize!

    Congratulations to Professor David Beratan, the 2018 Murray Goodman Memorial Prize recipient! Professor Beratan will receive the award from Biopolymers in recognition of his seminal contributions to biophysics and their impact on our understanding of charge transport in biomolecules.