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  • Benjamin Wiley Named 2019 ACS Buck-Whitney Award Recipient

    Congratulations to Professor Benjamin Wiley, the recipient of the American Chemical Society’s 2019 Buck-Whitney Award!  The Award recognizes Ben’s invention of metal nanowire transparent electrodes that rival the performance of indium tin oxide, and the development of corresponding core-shell nanowires that greatly expand nanowire functional properties important for non-volatile memory and conductive inks.   Congratulations to Ben and his lab on receipt of this prominent award!

  • Chem Alumni Receive NSF Predoctoral Awards!

    Congratulations to Chemistry alumni Charlotte Farquhar (2016) and Benjamin Rousseau (2017) for receiving National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships!  Charlotte is continuing her studies on drug-delivery with the Pentelute Lab at MIT and Benjamin is studying Nuclear Electronic Orbital Method and Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer with Professor Sharon Hammes-Schiffer at Yale University.  Congratulations to you both!

    NSF predocs

  • Martin Fischer Receives Imaging Award from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

    Associate Research Professor Martin Fischer has received an award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The Initiative, founded by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, seeks to find new ways to leverage technology, community-driven solutions, and collaboration to accelerate progress in Science, Education, and within Justice & Opportunity work. The Initiative Imaging Scientist Award will fund Prof.

  • Amanda Hargrove Named 2019 MedChemComm Emerging Investigator

    Congratulations to Professor Amanda Hargrove, the recipient of the 2019 MedChemComm Emerging Investigator Lectureship!

  • Prof. Matt Becker to Join Duke Chem!

    We are thrilled to announce that Prof. Matt Becker will join the Department to further expand functional biomaterials at Duke! We look forward to welcoming Matt and his research group on August 1!

    Matt Becker