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  • Xiao Zhang Receives Graduate School Fellowships

    Congratulations to Mr. Xiao Zhang, a Katherine Goodman Stern Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This Graduate School competitive award will provide the funding necessary for Xiao to continue his study on the yield of high quality few walled carbon nanotubes under the guidance of Professor Jie Liu.  The Stern fellowship follows on the heels of the Graduate School’s Peter Walter Jeffs Summer Research Fellowship, for which Xiao received for summer 2016.


  • Women in Chemistry Luncheon

    Thanks to the support of the Chemistry Major's Union, WiSE, the Duke Women's Center and the Department, the second Women in Chemistry Luncheon was held on Thursday, April 28.  The event, an integrative, networking lunch for undergraduate and graduate women in Chemistry, included our female faculty and lab managers as well.

  • Chemistry wins Safety Award from American Chemical Society (ACS)

    The Department’s undergraduate teaching program and Duke’s Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) have been selected to receive the 2016 American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS) SafetyStratus Collegiate Safety Award.  The Award is presented to recognize a comprehensive laboratory and chemical safety program at an institution of higher learning (undergraduate aspects only).

  • Chrissy Wins Presidential Award

    Congratulations to Christiana Gooden, who received a Meritorious Service Award from 
    President Brodhead at the Duke Presidential Award Luncheon on April 14.  These 
    awards are presented each year "to recognize outstanding employees who have distinguished 
    themselves through diligent work and dedicated service.”  Many thanks to Chrissy for all 
    that she does for Chemistry faculty, students, and staff alike!


  • Charbonneau and International Team of Physicists Seek Understanding of the Physics of Glass

    Professor Patrick Charbonneau and an international team of physicists have been awarded four years of support from the Simons Foundation to seek a clearer understanding of the physics of glass.  The team, led by Prof.