Yang Group



       Weitao Yang

         B.S. in Chemistry, 1982, Peking University, Beijing China

         Ph.D., 1986, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill






Lin Shen, PhD


Nai "Neil" Qiang Su
Research: Development of electronic structure theory and of DFT



Balazs Pinter, PhD - Visiting Scholar


Rachael Al-Saadon
Research: Computer Simulations of Enzymes




Zehua Chen
Research: Approximating many body methods to achieve new kind of energy functional





Ye Jin
Research: Random phase approximation and Green’s function approach






Jiachen Li




Aaron Mahler



Yuncai Mei


Hao Wang
Research: QM/MM






Pan Zhang







Paul Ayers, PhD, Postdoc and Research Fellow,  2001-2002
Research Chair in Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical Biology, McMaster University, Canada





Amy Boone, PhD, Research Associate, 2001-2004
Currently being a stay-at-home mother with four young children whom she is home schooling





Felipe Bulat, Ph.D. Research Associate, 2003-2008
Blumberg Financial Group




Steven Burger, Graduate Student, 2002-2007
Sessional Lecturer McMaster University and Research Associate University of Toronto





Robin Chaudret, PhD, Postdoc Associate, 2011-2012
Cheif Scientist Material Simulations at Scienomics






Andres Cisneros, Graduate Student , 1999-2004, Assistant Professor Wayne State University





Aron Cohen, PhD, Research Associate, 2003-2008
Royal Society University Research Fellow, Cambridge University, UK




Julia Contreras-Garcia, PhD, Research Associate, 2008-2011
Full Researcher at CNRS, U. Pierre at Marie Curies, Paris





Rogelio Cuevas-Saavedra, PhD, Research Scholar, 2011-2012
Instructor Brock University





Ganglong Cui, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate 2007-2011
Professor of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University




Anderson da Silva Duraes, graduate student 2014 - 2017






Freija De Vleeschouwer, PhD,  FWO-Flanders Fellowship, Sept-Dec 2011
Postdoc at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium




Fernanda Duarte, Fullbright Scholar/Graduate Student from Chile,  2010-2011





Xiaoli Fan, PhD, Visiting Scholar,  2011-2012
Professor Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shaanxi, China




Kazuhiro Fujimoto, PhD, Research Fellowship/Postdoctoral Associate, 2007-2008
School of Science Kyoto University, Japan




Marco Gallo, PhD, Visiting Professor, July-August 2011
Professor Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico



Tim Heaton-Burgess, Grad student 2004-09 to Postdoc, 2009-2012, New Zealand




Jiang Hong, Research Scholar, 2001-2004, Beijing, China





Takumi Hori, PhD, Postdoc, 2004-2006
Nippon Steel, Japan




Hao Hu, PhD, Postdoc 2003 to Research Scientist 2011-2012
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Hong Kong




Xiangqian Hu, PhD, Postdoc 2002, then Research Scientist 2011-2012
Software Developer SAS Institute, Cary, NC




Erin Johnson, PhD, Fellowship Postdoc 2008-2010
Associate Professor Dalhousie University, Canada






San-Huang Ke, PhD, Postdoc 2002, Research Scientist 2005, Assistant Research Professor, 2010
Professor of Physics, Tongji University, Shanghai, China




Shahar Keinan, PhD, Postdoc 2004-2011
CEO and founder Cloud Pharmaceuticals Company




Tai-sung Lee--   no photo available, 1997, now with Accelyrs, Inc.


Mel Levy, PhD.,  Visiting Professor,  emeritus professor from Tulane University

 Bin Li, PhD, Postdoc 2005 -2007
Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale University of Science and Technology of China






Chen Li, PhD, graduate student 2011 - 2016, postdoc  2016 - 2017





Yi Li, graduate student, left 2008, transferred to Mathematics Department at Duke




Qiubao Lin, PhD, Research Scholar, 2010-2011
Associate Professor, School of Science, Jimei University






Xiangsong Lin, Visiting Scholar 2010-2011
Postdoc Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China





Rui Liu, Graduate Student, 2003-2006






Zhenyu Lu, Graduate Student 1999-2005, Postdoc, 2005 -2006
Equity Derivatives Strategist Associate at Morgan Stanley, New York City




Robert MacLagan, PhD, Visiting Professor, 2004
University of Canterbury, New Zealand






Ali Malek, Visiting Scholar, March - October 2012.
McMaster University, doing lab rotation with Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences





Paula Mori-Sanchez, PhD, Research Associate, 2002-2009
Received Ramon y Cajal fellowship in Spain, and joined Universidad Autonoma de Madrid






Jerry Parks, Graduate Student, 2002-2008
Joint Faculty, Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology Department University of Tennessee




Degao Peng, Graduate Student, 2008-2014
Software Engineer at Airbnb, San Francisco




Juan Qiao, PhD, Visiting Scholar 2006-2007
Dept. of Chemistry Tsinghua University, Beijing, China





Haihong Ni  --- no photo available--   1995


Christopher Rinderspacher, PhD, Research Associate 2007-2009
Research Associate, Computational Science Army Research Laboratory





Zachary Scholl
Postdoctoral Associate with Piotr Marszalek group, Mechanical Engineering at Duke University





Neil Shenvi, PhD, Research Scientist, 2010-2014
Associate Researcher
More info




Stephan Steinmann, PhD, Fellowship Postdoc 2012-2013
Ecole Normale Superiore, Lyon, France





Zhigang Sun, PhD, Postdoc 2009-2010
One Hundred Talents Professor Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China




Christopher Sutton, PhD





Chunmei Tang, PhD, Visiting Scholar, 2012-2013
Professor College of Science, Hohai University






Alvaro Trueba-Perez, Visiting Scholar, Sept.-Dec. 2009
Universidad de Cantabria Santander, Spain





Carlos Cardenas Valencia, PhD, Visiting Scholar, July 2013
Professor Dept. of Fisica, Universidad de Chile





Helen van Aggelen, PhD, Fellowship Postdoc, 2012-2013
Scientific Developer in Bioinformatics Startup






  Aaron Virshup, Postdoc 2009-2014
Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk Research






Jun Wang, PhD, Research Scientist, 2011-2013
Software Developer, Epic Company, Madison, WI






Yan "Alex" Wang, PhD, Research Scholar, 2011
Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver






Mingliang Wang, PhD, Postdoc 2003-2005
University of Missouri, St Louis, MO






Weiliang Wang, Visiting Scholar 2011, grad student
School of Physics and Engineering, Zhongshan University, China






Pan Wu, Graduate Student, 2008-2013
Senior Data Scientist TrueCar, Inc.




 Jingheng Wu, PhD







Qin Wu, Graduate Student 1999-2004
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Theory and Computation Group





Ruixue Xu, PhD, Visiting Professor 2006-2007
Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale Univerity of Science and Technology, China




Yang Yang
Postdoctoral Associate with Dr. Sharon Hammes-Schiffer's group at  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign





Chin-Hui Yu, Visiting Professor 2005-2006
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan





Xiancheng "Fox" Zeng, Graduate Student 2005-2010
Postdoc 2011
SDE Engineer, Amazon, LA






Bo Zhao, Graduate Student, 2007-2008, left with a Masters degree, China




Du Zhang, PhD, graduate student 2011 - 2017







Yingkai Zhang-- no photo available--Graduate Student, 1995-2000, now Professeor  of Chemistry, New York University


Xiao Zheng, PhD, Research Scientist, 2008-2011
Professor University of Science and Technology, China



Tianhai Zhu---no photo available--Graduate Student 1991-1996, now Bloomberg LP, New York City