Warren Group


Current Group Members


Warren S. Warren, PhD

James B. Duke Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, and Physics

e-mail: warren.warren@duke.edu


Martin Fischer, PhD

Associate Research Professor

e-mail: martin.fischer@duke.edu

Research Interests: Exploring novel nonlinear contrast mechanisms such as two-photon absorption and self-phase modulation for structural and functional imaging in tissue.


Simone Degan, PhD

Research Scientist

e-mail: simone.degan@duke.edu

Research Interests: Investigating novel in vivo imaging technologies using pre-clinical and clinical trials to detect melanoma initiation, and MRI applications on lung tissue.

Thomas Theis, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

e-mail: thomas.theis@duke.edu

website: http://sites.google.com/site/thomastheisphd/
Research Interests: Application of fundamental spin physics and technology innovation in hyperpolarized magnetic resonance to unravel metabolic disorders by real-time biomolecular tracing.


Johannes Colell, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

e-mail: johannes.colell@duke.edu

Research Interests: Theory and praxis of NMR spectroscopy with hyperpolarized samples, NMR in low magnetic fields, tools and hardware for spectroscopy.

Elham Ghadiri, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

e-mail: elham.ghadiri@duke.edu

Research Interests: Photophysics of melanin pigments using pump-probe spectroscopy and imaging techniques.


Jin Yu

Graduate Student

e-mail: jin.yu@duke.edu

Research Interests: Applying pump-probe microscopy imaging to area of conservation science and synthesizing fairly symmetrical molecules which could be clinical imaging agents.

Zijian Zhou

Graduate Student

e-mail: zijian.zhou@duke.edu

Research Interests: Optimal control of NMR pulse sequences; comparing and designing pulse sequences for better magnetization refocusing.


Kevin Zhou

Graduate Student

e-mail: kevin.zhou@duke.edu

Research Interests: Developing optical imaging techniques that exploit biologically intrinsic contrast, and feature extraction techniques.


Ryan Zhao

Graduate Student

e-mail: ruiyang.zhao@duke.edu

Research Interests: Exploring possible applications of magnetic resonance imaging using hyperpolarized nucleus.