Hargrove Group


FEMMES  (Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science)
Duke Action Science Camp for Young Women
Duke Chemistry "Science Under the Stars"
Duke University Alumni Weekend
North Carolina DNA Day

Festival for the Eno River

10-10-19: The lab teaches kids about pH at Science Under the Stars!


2-23-19: The lab participates in FEMMES and teaches middle-school aged girls about DNA!

Femmes 2019

10-25-18: The lab participates in another annual Science Under the Stars!
05-03-18: Anita and Sean participate in DNA Day by visiting a middle school in Roxboro, NC and teaching kids about forensics!
02-17-18: Hargrove lab participates in the FEMMES Capstone project and teaches middle-school girls about DNA!
2017-12-16: Anita, Emily, and Sarah volunteer with the Biochemistry department's Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Durham Food Bank.

2017-07-01: Sarah and Brittany represent the Hargrove lab at the Eno River festival!

2017-04-25: Jordan and Anita visit the City of Medicine Academy for DNA day and teach high school students about immunity.

2017-04-08: The Hargrove Lab performs the density demo for kids and parents at Duke’s Alumni Weekend!

2016-09-29: Hargrove Lab participates in Science Under the Stars.
2016-06-24: Hargrove Lab presents demos for middle schoolers at the Duke Action Camp!

2016-04-16: Duke University Alumni Weekend 2016

2016-02-27: FEMMES 2016
2015-09-23: Science Under the Stars 2015
2014-04-12: Duke Alumni Weekend 2014
2014-06-23: Brittany and Becca at the Duke Action Camp!
2014-07-04: Eno River Festival
2014-07-17: Duke AHEC Health Careers 2014
2014-09-23: Science Under the Stars
dna day
dna day 2018
Femmes 2019