Fitzgerald Group


Fitzgerald Lab Members 


Michael C. Fitzgerald

Department of Chemistry (and Department of Biochemistry – Secondary Appointment)

1989-1994 University of Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. (Thesis Advisor: Prof. Lloyd M. Smith)
1985-1989 Davidson College. Davidson, North Carolina, B.S., Honors in Chemistry

Professional Positions:

2011-Present Professor, Department of Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, NC
2004-Present Member, Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC
1999-Present Member, Center for Chemical Biology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
1999-Present Member, Cancer Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

2005-Present Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Biochemistry 

2001-2005 Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment) Department of Biochemistry Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
2004-2011 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, NC1998-2004 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, NC
1997-1998 Senior Research Associate, Dept. of Cell Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA
1994-1998 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA Analytical and Synthetic Protein Chemistry, (Advisor: Dr. Stephen B.H. Kent)


Current Research Group:

Current Graduate Students:

Jagat Adhikari (4th Year Biochemistry Graduate Student) 
Arial Geer (4th Year Chemistry Graduate Student)
Yingrong Xu (3rd Year Chemistry Graduate Student)
Julia Roberts (2nd Year Chemistry Graduate Student)
Ryenne Ogburn (2nd Year Chemistry Graduate Student)
Lorrain (Xiaopu) Jin (2nd Year Chemistry Graduate Student)

Undergraduate Student Researchers:

Jacob Martin (Trinity Undergraduate 2014)

Recent Graduate Student Researchers:

Dr. Duc Tran (Post-Doc at Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL) Ph.D. received August 2013 Dissertation: "Development and Application of a Quantitative Mass Spectrometry-Based Platform for Thermodynamic Analysis of Protein Interaction Networks"

Dr. Erin Strickland (Scientist, Ameritox, Greensboro, NC) Ph.D. received May 2013 Dissertation: "Application and Evaluation of a Chemical Modification- and Mass Spectrometry-Based Thermodynamic Assay for the Study of Protein-Ligand Interactions in Complex Mixtures"

Dr. Ying Xu (Post-Doc at Clark University, Worcester, MA) Ph.D. received August 2011 Dissertation: "Development and Applications of Chemical Labeling Protocols for Protein-Ligand Binding Analysis Using Bottom-Up Proteomics"

Dr. Patrick DeArmond (Post-Doc at EPA, Las Vegas, NV) Ph.D. received May 2011 Dissertation: "Mass Spectrometry-Based Strategies for Multiplexed Analyses of Protein-Ligand Binding Interactions"

Dr. Graham West (Post-Doc at Scripps Research Instiitue, Jupiter, FL) Ph.D. received December 2009 Dissertation: “A Covalent Modification Technique for Protein-Ligand Binding Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics Platforms”

Dr. Erin Hopper (Post-Doc, NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC) Ph.D. received May 2009 Dissertation: Development and Application of a Mass Spectrometry-Based Assay for the High Throughput Analysis of Protein-Ligand Binding"

Recent Undergraduate Student Researchers:

Osagie Obanor (Trinity 2012)

Hai-Tsang (Hubert) Huang (Trinity 2012) Graduate School, Harvard University

Irene Falk (Trinity 2011) Medical School, Medical College of GA

Pim Dangkulwanich (Trinity 2009) – Graduate School, UC-Berkeley

Stephanie Cordato (Trinity 2009) – Graduate School, Cornell University