Current Members

Group Leader

Patrick Charbonneau
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Ph.D. Harvard University
B.Sc. McGill University
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Prof. Charbonneau obtained his Ph.D. in chemical physics from Harvard University in 2006 and was a Marie-Curie Postdoctorial Fellow at Amolf, in Amsterdam, before joining Duke in 2008.

Prof. Charbonneau studies the glass problem and self-assembly of colloids and proteins, using both theory and numerical simulations. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers on these topics, and co-organized a number of workshops, including “Particulate Matter: Does Dimensionality Matter?” in Dresden in 2010 and “Unifying Concepts in Glass Physics VI” in Aspen in 2015. Since joining Duke, Charbonneau has earned a NSF CAREER Award, a Sloan Fellowship, and an Oak Ridge Ralph E. Powe award. He has also been granted various visiting scientist positions in France and in Italy.


Graduate Students

Yi Hu
Office: 5328 FFSC AT

Mingyuan Zheng
Office: 5328 FFSC
mingyuan.zheng AT

Posdoctoral Fellows

Bijoy Daga
Joint appointment with Bagnat Lab in Department of Cell Biology.
Office: 5328 FFSC
bijoy.daga AT

Peter K Morse
Office: 5328 FFSC

Former Members

Dr. Irem Altan
Ph.D. student (Ph.D., 2019)

Dr. Lin Fu
Ph.D. student (Ph.D., 2017)

Dr. Yuan Zhuang
Ph.D. student (Ph.D., 2016)

Dr. ​Diana Fusco
Ph.D. student (Ph.D., 2014)

Dr. Kai Zhang
Ph.D. student (Ph.D., 2012)

Joyjit Kundu
Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2019)

Dr. Sho Yaida
Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2018)

Dr. Yuliang Jin
Postdoctoral Fellow (2012-2015)

Ye Liang
MS student (M.Sc., 2019)

Zhen Yang
Undergraduate researcher (2019)

Caitlin Gish
Undergraduate researcher (2019)

Glenn Palmer
Research Associate (2017, Duke '14)

Cathy Li
Research Associate (2016-2017, Duke '16)

Daming Li
Undergraduate researcher (2015)

Hao Zhao
Undergraduate researcher (2014, Duke '17)

Dr. Raffaele Tavarone
TU Berlin visitor (2014-2015)  

Giulia Carra
ENS visitor (2013)

David Sandberg
MRSEC REU (2014)

Samuel Wentworth
MRSEC REU (2013)

Timothy Barnum
Chemistry REU (2012)