Exam Scheduling
  1. At the start of each semester the DGSA will have a meeting to review scheduling and policies related to Doctoral and Master’s Examination for that semester. In the event you must replace or change a committee member, you should first consult with your Research Advisor and obtain approval from both the advisor and the substitute committee member. You should send an email to the DGSA explaining the reasons for the change and indicating the professor who has agreed to serve as a substitute on your committee. The DGS office will then submit a Change of Committee Request form to the Graduate School for approval by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School.
  2. To schedule a room for your open seminar and closed-door exam, contact the DGSA in French 3213 to request a room reservation.  A room must be available for a three-hour block of time.
  3. The DGSA will complete and submit the necessary announcement to the Graduate School based on the information provided by the student. If you have a change in committee, you must notify the DGS office in writing no less than 30 days prior to your exam or before your dissertation can be approved by the Graduate School. Failure to do so could possibly void the examination.
  4. You must file for Degree Completion in DukeHub early in the semester during which you plan to complete degree requirements: If there are any questions, please contact the DGSA or Dean John Klingensmith’s office at the Graduate School.

The Director of Graduate Studies Office will submit the formal announcement of the Final Examination Ph.D. or the Master's to the Graduate School after the student’s PI has confirmed, via email, the student’s dissertation/thesis is ready for defense. Both the DGS formal announcement and the PI email attesting to readiness are required in order to get your Ph. D. or Master's signature card. (The signature card is given to the student upon having his/her dissertation’s format checked at the Graduate School).

Upon leaving Duke Chemistry Department you must go to complete a check-out form, provided to you by the DGSA.

*NOTE: So that the committee members will have sufficient time to read the dissertation carefully, it must be submitted to the examining committee no later than two weeks before the scheduled final examination.