Faculty Profiles

Stephen L Craig
William T. Miller Professor of Chemistry
3221 French Family Science Cen, 124 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-1538
(919) 660-1605



Ph.D., Stanford University 1997

M.Phil., University of Cambridge (UK) 1992

B.S., Duke University 1991

Research Areas:
Synthesis, Physical, Organic, Nanoscience and Materials

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Achneck, HE, Serpe, MJ, Jamiolkowski, RM, Eibest, LM, Craig, SL, and Lawson, JH. "Regenerating titanium ventricular assist device surfaces after gold/palladium coating for scanning electron microscopy." Microsc Res Tech 73.1 (January 2010): 71-76. Full Text

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