Faculty Profiles

Michael J. Therien
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
5330 French Family Science Cen, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-1670
(919) 660-1605



NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology 1987 - 1990

Ph.D., University of California at San Diego 1987

B.S., University of St. Andrews (Scotland) 1982

Research Areas:
Synthesis, Physical, Biomolecular Structure and Function, Inorganic, Organic, Nanoscience and Materials

Korendovych, IV, Senes, A, Kim, YH, Lear, JD, Fry, HC, Therien, MJ, Blasie, JK, Walker, FA, and Degrado, WF. "De novo design and molecular assembly of a transmembrane diporphyrin-binding protein complex." Journal of the American Chemical Society 132.44 (November 2010): 15516-15518. Full Text Open Access Copy

Singh-Rachford, TN, Nayak, A, Muro-Small, ML, Goeb, S, Therien, MJ, and Castellano, FN. "Supermolecular-chromophore-sensitized near-infrared-to-visible photon upconversion." J Am Chem Soc 132.40 (October 13, 2010): 14203-14211. Full Text Open Access Copy

Deria, P, Sinks, LE, Park, T-H, Tomezsko, DM, Brukman, MJ, Bonnell, DA, and Therien, MJ. "Phase transfer catalysts drive diverse organic solvent solubility of single-walled carbon nanotubes helically wrapped by ionic, semiconducting polymers." Nano Letters 10.10 (October 2010): 4192-4199. Full Text Open Access Copy

Robbins, GP, Saunders, RL, Haun, JB, Rawson, J, Therien, MJ, and Hammer, DA. "Tunable Leuko-polymersomes That Adhere Specifically to Inflammatory Markers." LANGMUIR 26.17 (September 7, 2010): 14089-14096. Full Text

Robbins, GP, Saunders, RL, Haun, JB, Rawson, J, Therien, MJ, and Hammer, DA. "Tunable leuko-polymersomes that adhere specifically to inflammatory markers." Langmuir : the Acs Journal of Surfaces and Colloids 26.17 (September 2010): 14089-14096. Full Text

Kamat, NP, Robbins, GP, Rawson, JS, Therien, MJ, Dmochowski, IJ, and Hammer, DA. "A Generalized System for Photo-Responsive Membrane Rupture in Polymersomes." Adv Funct Mater 20.16 (August 23, 2010): 2588-2596. Full Text

Xing, Y, Park, T-H, Venkatramani, R, Keinan, S, Beratan, DN, Therien, MJ, and Borguet, E. "Optimizing single-molecule conductivity of conjugated organic oligomers with carbodithioate linkers." J Am Chem Soc 132.23 (June 16, 2010): 7946-7956. Full Text Open Access Copy