Faculty Profiles

Benjamin J. Wiley
Professor of Chemistry
2214 French Family Science Cen, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 668-3066
(919) 660-1605



Ph.D., University of Washington 2007

B.S., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 2003

Research Areas:
Physical, Nanoscience and Materials

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Wiley, B., et al. “Shape-controlled synthesis of silver and gold nanostructures.” Mrs Bulletin, vol. 30, no. 5, 2005, pp. 356–61.

Chen, J., et al. “Bioconjugated Au/Ag nanocages as a novel optical imaging contrast and thermal therapeutic agent.” Optics Infobase Conference Papers, Jan. 2005.

Wiley, B., et al. “Polyol synthesis of silver nanoparticles: Use of chloride and oxygen to promote the formation of single-crystal, truncated cubes and tetrahedrons.” Nano Letters, vol. 4, no. 9, Sept. 2004, pp. 1733–39. Scopus, doi:10.1021/nl048912c. Full Text

Sun, Y., et al. “Synthesis and optical properties of nanorattles and multiple-walled nanoshells/nanotubes made of metal alloys.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 126, no. 30, Aug. 2004, pp. 9399–406. Scopus, doi:10.1021/ja048789r. Full Text