Faculty Profiles

Ashutosh Chilkoti
Professor in the Department of Chemistry
1427 CIEMAS, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-5373
+1 919 660 5409



Ph.D., University of Washington 1991

Garanger, E, MacEwan, SR, Sandre, O, Brûlet, A, Bataille, L, Chilkoti, A, and Lecommandoux, S. "Structural Evolution of a Stimulus-Responsive Diblock Polypeptide Micelle by Temperature Tunable Compaction of its Core." Macromolecules 48.18 (September 22, 2015): 6617-6627. Full Text

Roberts, S, Dzuricky, M, and Chilkoti, A. "Elastin-like polypeptides as models of intrinsically disordered proteins." Febs Letters 589.19 Pt A (September 2015): 2477-2486. (Review) Full Text

Bhattacharyya, J, Bellucci, JJ, Weitzhandler, I, McDaniel, JR, Spasojevic, I, Li, X, Lin, C-C, Chi, J-TA, and Chilkoti, A. "A paclitaxel-loaded recombinant polypeptide nanoparticle outperforms Abraxane in multiple murine cancer models." Nature Communications 6 (August 4, 2015): 7939-null. Full Text

Han, W, MacEwan, SR, Chilkoti, A, and López, GP. "Bio-inspired synthesis of hybrid silica nanoparticles templated from elastin-like polypeptide micelles." Nanoscale 7.28 (July 2015): 12038-12044. Full Text

Hassouneh, W, Zhulina, EB, Chilkoti, A, and Rubinstein, M. "Elastin-like Polypeptide Diblock Copolymers Self-Assemble into Weak Micelles." Macromolecules 48.12 (June 11, 2015): 4183-4195. Full Text

Ghoorchian, A, Simon, JR, Bharti, B, Han, W, Zhao, X, Chilkoti, A, and Lõpez, GP. "Bioinspired reversibly cross-linked hydrogels comprising polypeptide micelles exhibit enhanced mechanical properties." Advanced Functional Materials 25.21 (June 1, 2015): 3122-3130. Full Text

Mastria, EM, Chen, M, McDaniel, JR, Li, X, Hyun, J, Dewhirst, MW, and Chilkoti, A. "Doxorubicin-conjugated polypeptide nanoparticles inhibit metastasis in two murine models of carcinoma." Journal of Controlled Release : Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society 208 (June 2015): 52-58. Full Text

Ghoorchian, A, Simon, JR, Bharti, B, Han, W, Zhao, X, Chilkoti, A, and López, GP. "Bioinspired Reversibly Cross-linked Hydrogels Comprising Polypeptide Micelles Exhibit Enhanced Mechanical Properties." Advanced Functional Materials 25.21 (June 2015): 3122-3130. Full Text

Kimmerling, KA, Furman, BD, Mangiapani, DS, Moverman, MA, Sinclair, SM, Huebner, JL, Chilkoti, A, Kraus, VB, Setton, LA, Guilak, F, and Olson, SA. "Sustained intra-articular delivery of IL-1RA from a thermally-responsive elastin-like polypeptide as a therapy for post-traumatic arthritis." European Cells & Materials 29 (January 31, 2015): 124-139.

Bellucci, JJ, Bhattacharyya, J, and Chilkoti, A. "A noncanonical function of sortase enables site-specific conjugation of small molecules to lysine residues in proteins." Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English) 54.2 (January 2015): 441-445. Full Text