Faculty Profiles

Andrew T. McPhail
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
3236 French Family Science Cen, Durham, NC 27708-0346
(919) 660-1552
(919) 660-1605



Ph.D., University of Glasgow (Scotland) 1963

B.S., University of Glasgow (Scotland) 1959

Aslanian, R, Lee, G, Iyer, RV, Shih, NY, Piwinski, JJ, Draper, RW, and McPhail, AT. "An asymmetric synthesis of the novel H-3 agonist (+)-(3R,4R)-3-(4-imidazolyl)-4-methylpyrrolidine dihydrochloride (Sch 50971)." TETRAHEDRON-ASYMMETRY 11.19 (October 6, 2000): 3867-3871. Full Text

Fraser-Reid, B, Chen, XT, Haag, D, Henry, KJ, and McPhail, AT. "IMDA/aldol strategy for transforming carbohydrates into functionalized trans-decalins." Chirality 12.5-6 (June 2000): 488-495. Full Text

Chackalamannil, S, Doller, D, Clasby, M, Xia, Y, Eagen, K, Lin, Y, Tsai, HA, and McPhail, AT. "A facile Diels-Alder route to dihydronaphthofuranones." TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 41.21 (May 29, 2000): 4043-4047. Full Text

Hegde, VR, Puar, MS, Dai, P, Patel, M, Gullo, VP, Das, PR, Bond, RW, and McPhail, AT. "A novel microbial metabolite, activator of low density lipoprotein receptor promoter." TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 41.9 (February 26, 2000): 1351-1354. Full Text

Biswas, KM, Mallik, H, Saha, A, Halder, S, and McPhail, AT. "Synthesis of a trifluoromethylindolocarbazole, novel cyclic 27-and 36-membered N-benzyltri- and -tetraindoles, and an N-benzyltetraindolyltrimethane." MONATSHEFTE FUR CHEMIE 130.10 (October 1999): 1227-1239. Full Text

Kaminski, JJ, Carruthers, NI, Wong, SC, Chan, TM, Billah, MM, Tozzi, S, and McPhail, AT. "Conformational considerations in the design of dual antagonists of platelet-activating factor (PAF) and histamine." BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 7.7 (July 1999): 1413-1423. Full Text

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