Faculty Profiles

Andrew McPhail, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
3236 French Family Science Cen, Durham, NC 277080346
+1 919 660 1552
(919) 660-1605


Hsieh, P-W, Chang, F-R, McPhail, AT, Lee, K-H, and Wu, Y-C. "New cembranolide analogues from the formosan soft coral Sinularia flexibilis and their cytotoxicity." Natural Product Research 17.6 (December 2003): 409-418. Full Text

Reichard, GA, Stengone, C, Paliwal, S, Mergelsberg, I, Majmundar, S, Wang, C, Tiberi, R, McPhail, AT, Piwinski, JJ, and Shih, NY. "Asymmetric synthesis of 4,4-disubstituted-2-imidazoli-dinones: Potent NK1 antagonists." ORGANIC LETTERS 5.23 (November 13, 2003): 4249-4251. Full Text

McCormick, JL, Osterman, R, Chan, TM, Das, PR, Pramanik, BN, Ganguly, AK, Girijavallabhan, VM, McPhail, AT, and Saksena, AK. "A highly stereoselective approach to novel 2,2,4-trisubstituted pyrrolidines by halocylization: Key intermediates towards syntheses of nitrogen analogs of Noxafil®." Tetrahedron Letters 44.43 (October 20, 2003): 7997-8000. Full Text

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Ganguly, AK, Seah, N, Popov, V, Wang, CH, Kuang, R, Saksena, AK, Pramanik, BN, Chan, TM, and McPhail, AT. "Solution- and solid-phase synthesis of enantiomerically pure spiro oxindoles." Tetrahedron Letters 43.49 (December 2, 2002): 8981-8983. Full Text

Blythin, DJ, Chen, X, Piwinski, JJ, Shih, NY, Shue, HJ, Anthes, JC, and McPhail, AT. "Synthesis and NK1/NK2 binding activities of a series of diacyl-substituted 2-arylpiperazines." BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 12.21 (November 4, 2002): 3161-3165. Full Text

Han, SQ, Hamel, E, Bastow, KF, McPhail, AT, Brossi, A, and Lee, KH. "Antitumor agents. Part 215: Antitubulin effects of cytotoxic B-ring modified allocolchicinoids." BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 12.20 (October 21, 2002): 2851-2853. Full Text

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Wu, JH, McPhail, AT, Bastow, KF, Shiraki, H, Ito, J, and Lee, KH. "Desmosdumotin C, a novel cytotoxic principle from Desmos dumosus." Tetrahedron Letters 43.8 (February 18, 2002): 1391-1393. Full Text