Faculty Profiles

Alvin L. Crumbliss
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
2104 French Family Science Center, Box 90346, Durham, NC 27708-0354
(919) 660-1540



Ph.D., Northwestern University 1968

B.A., Knox College 1964

Research Areas:
Biomolecular Structure and Function, Biological, Inorganic

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Bonaventura, C, Taboy, CH, Low, PS, Stevens, RD, Lafon, C, and Crumbliss, AL. "Heme redox properties of S-nitrosated hemoglobin A0 and hemoglobin S: implications for interactions of nitric oxide with normal and sickle red blood cells." The Journal of Biological Chemistry 277.17 (April 2002): 14557-14563. Full Text

Wirgau, JI, Spasojević, I, Boukhalfa, H, Batinić-Haberle, I, and Crumbliss, AL. "Thermodynamics, kinetics, and mechanism of the stepwise dissociation and formation of Tris(L-lysinehydroxamato)iron(III) in aqueous acid." Inorganic Chemistry 41.6 (March 2002): 1464-1473. Full Text

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Nguyen-Van-Duong, MK, Guillot, V, Nicolas, L, Gaudemer, A, Lowry, L, Spasojević, I, and Crumbliss, AL. "Synthesis, ligand pK(a), and Fe(III) complexation constants for a series of bipodal dihydroxamic acids." Inorganic Chemistry 40.23 (November 2001): 5948-5953. Full Text

Olmstead, EG, Harman, SW, Choo, PL, and Crumbliss, AL. "Use of SDS micelles to stabilize a ternary intermediate in the reaction of ferrioxamine B and 1,10-phenanthroline." Inorg Chem 40.21 (October 8, 2001): 5420-5427.

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