Biotribological Methods and Analysis of Natural and Artificial Specimens
Dr. Kartik Pondicherry (Anton Paar)
Host: Professor Benjamin Wiley
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 9:00am to 10:30am
Location: Room 1243, French Family Science Center
Rosenthal, Janet

Abstract:  Tribology combines the studies of friction, wear and lubrication. In biomedical research, tribology is employed to understand naturally occurring motions between tissues (e.g. joint surfaces) and organs (e.g. pleural tissue during breathing), but also for artificially created boundaries between natural and implant surfaces (e.g. hip implants). In order to improve the surface properties of implant materials, it is crucial to understand the properties of the natural material before a suitable substitute can be developed.


Overview of MCRTribometer

Tribology overview and modeling of biotribology

Characterization of synthetic vs natural cartilage via Tribology-methods, accessories, analysis

Characterization of synthetic cartilage lubricants via Tribology-methods, accessories, analysis

Open discussion on applications of biotribology-Cartilage, mucosal, fluids, catheters, etc