Alumni & Giving

Kalyan Vasudevan
BS, Chemistry, BA, Religion (2004)
Scientist II, Biogen, Cambridge, MA

How has being a Chemistry graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Mostly in helping me prepare academically for a rigorous/premier graduate program. Also opens doors in terms of interview opportunities."

What advice would you give students in Chemistry?

"My graduating Chemistry class (~30 folks in 2004) was heavily skewed towards med school. Only a handful (5 as I recall) went on to graduate school. If graduate school is a consideration, aim high. The Duke degree (with reasonable GPA/GRE scores) will open doors to Top 10 programs. Having been on both ends of the interview process I can tell you this matters - I'm not all that convinced it necessarily should, but practically it does. If you want utility from a second degree, pursue something that is in some way complementary (Bio Chem E, BME, PPS) in terms of potential career trajectories."