Alumni & Giving

Gihan Hewage
Gihan Hewage
Duke Chemistry, BS (2014)
Lux Research Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

How has being a Chemistry graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"My greatest experience from the Chemistry department at Duke was the research I was able to conduct in the lab of Stephen Craig. In the various projects I was a part of, I was able to see how a fundamental technology (in this case, force active chemistry) could be applied to a functional device/product (pneumatically actuated soft robots). At Lux, much of my job is focused on evaluating novel technologies for commercial viability, which was one the strongest lessons I learned from the Craig Lab."

What advice would you give students in Chemistry?

"Take advantage of the research opportunities and get to know not only the professors, but the students and postdocs as well. All are connections that will help you grow at Duke and beyond."