Terminating Residency

Completion of the termination procedure is necessary in order for you to remain in good standing with the Chemistry Department, to get your final paycheck, and to receive your key deposit refund. The check out procedure involves cleaning up the research lab, turning in all borrowed books to the library, returning all Chemistry keys to Angel Walker in French Science Room 3236, and leaving a forwarding address.

Schedule an Inspection

Set up an appointment with a representative of the safety committee, Dr. Bozenna Krzyzanowska, at least two weeks prior to leaving (Room 1214, 660-1517) to inspect the lab for proper disposal of chemicals. If she is not available, arrange an appointment with Dr. Todd Woerner (Suite 1219, room 1224, 660-1525).

Clean up Lab Space

Clean up your assigned research space and properly label and dispose of all hazardous chemicals and wastes. (See the Safety Manual for further information on disposal of hazardous substances).

Obtain Signatures

Obtain all required signatures on the termination form.

  • Research director indicating that research space is in satisfactory condition.
  • Safety representative indicating that you have properly disposed of all chemicals and wastes.
  • Payroll Clerk indicating that payroll has been notified of your termination date.
  • Staff Specialist indicating that you have turned in all chemistry keys and your copy card and provided a forwarding address.

Submit Form

The completed termination form should be given to Angel Walker in Suite 3236.