Initiating Residency

Get on Payroll

Employee Status Procedure
Graduate student All payroll matters for Graduate Students are managed by the DGSA in Room 3213. The DGSA will meet with all matriculating students either individually or in groups when they arrive on campus to secure the necessary documentation and hire into the appropriate payroll system.  Information about this process is provided to incoming students prior to their arrival to Duke.
Undergraduate student or Bi-weekly Employee or Monthly Employee
  1. Fill out the following forms (unless you are currently on the Duke payroll and transferring to the chemistry department from another department):
    1. Employment Eligibility Verification (employee portion of Form I-9; the link to the electronic form will be emailed to the new employee after the hire is processed through payroll)
    2. Foreign National Form (omit if you are a U.S. citizen).  The form may be accessed at: https://finance.duke.edu/payroll/fnatl/treaty_form
    3. Federal Withholding Allowance Certification (Form W-4; completed electronically through the Duke@Work system; foreign nationals must fill out the paper form after visiting VISA services)
    4. NC Dept. of Revenue Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form NC-4; completed electronically through the Duke@Work system; foreign nationals must fill out the paper form after visiting VISA services)
    5. Direct Deposit Authoriziation (completed electronically through the Duke@Work system)
    6. Background Certification (undergraduate and graduate students do NOT need to complete this form; background checks for all employees are completed through e-Verify)
  2. To be placed on payroll, bring the completed forms appropriate for your status and appropriate identification as specified in the "Lists of Appropriate Documents" section of the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) to Janet Rosenthal in FFSC, room 1217. You cannot be put on the Duke Payroll until all this information has been submitted for verification.
  3. Monthly employees will also have an appointment scheduled for them to attend an orientation session that includes information concerning benefits.

Visit Duke Unversity's Human Resources website for policies and additional information.

       Obtain Net ID

  1. If you are a US citizen, follow the procedure for getting on the payroll given in the table above.

  2. If you are a Foreign National, you must first register with Visa Services. Take your visa documents, passport, and I-94 card to the Office of Visa Services, which is located at the Smith Warehouse: Bay 7-1st Floor, 114 South Buchanan Boulevard. Once registered with Visa Services, follow the procedure for getting on the payroll given in the table below.

  3. Duke Net ID's are assigned by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

    1. Graduate and undergraduate students are notified of their NetIDs before they arrive on campus.

    2. Bi-weekly and monthly employees can be assigned a NetID only after they are officially in the Payroll system. See Janet Rosenthal in FFSC, Room 1217 to obtain a netID.

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    Obtain Mailbox

    Every resident is assigned a department mailbox. The mailboxes are located in the hallway between the Administrative Suite 3236 and the Bio-Sci building and are opened by a combination which will be sent to you electronically after your hire process is complete.  These boxes should be checked frequently, since messages as well as notices and mail will be put there. Students are to use their box combinations, and should never enter the mailroom. Due to space limitations it may be necessary for students to share a mailbox with another person. Back to top

    Obtain Duke ID Card

    After completing payroll, obtain an authorization form from Christiana Conti in Suite 3236, Room 3236B. The Duke Card Office is located in Room 100 of the West Union Building. In addition to serving as an ID card it has many other uses. For more information see the DukeCard Office website. There is a $5.00 fee for the card and a $10.00 fee for replacement of lost or stolen cards.

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    Obtain Parking Permit

    After completing payroll and obtaining a Duke ID Card, a parking permit (not available to undergraduates) may be obtained from the University Parking Office, 302 Science Drive (the ground level of the Science Drive parking garage), 919-684-7275.  Availability of Chemistry Lot parking spaces is limited and permits may not be available. Further information about parking permits is available on their website. Payroll deduction for this fee is available.

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    Obtain Safety Certification

    Before obtaining keys and card access to French, all new residents should follow the instructions below and complete the three online safety training modules required by the chemistry department.

    1. If you are working in a laboratory complete the three online training modules Hazard Communication for Lab Personnel, Fire/Life Safety and Laboratory Safety.  If you are working in an office complete the Ergonomics Overview training in addition to the three modules for research lab work.  The training modules are located on the Occupational & Environmental Safety Office web site at: http://www.safety.duke.edu/.  Click on the "Online Training" square under Quick Links.  Access to this site requires your NetID (item 2 above).
    2. At the end of each online training course there will be a short quiz. You should take the quiz and, when you pass, print out the confirmation page. When you are ready to obtain keys and card access, bring the print out to Angel Walker in Suite 3236, Room 3236C. 
    3. Familiarize yourself with the general contents of the departmental Safety Manual (with links to the University Safety Manual) so that you can use it more effectively as the need arises.
    4. Those who will be Teaching Assistants in the fall term will also be expected to attend a safety orientation meeting. You will be informed of the date, time, and location of this meeting.

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    Obtain Safety Glasses

    Chemistry Department Policy as well as State and Federal Laws require that all persons wear safety glasses (equipped with side shields) or safety goggles while in any laboratory in the Chemistry Department. It is acceptable to wear contact lenses or prescription glasses under, but not in place of, safety glasses. It is understood that safety glasses will always be worn when in the laboratory. Failure to wear adequate eye protection or to enforce its use in teaching laboratories is a violation of the law (and common sense). Your complete cooperation is expected and will be appreciated. Safety glasses may be obtained as follows.

    1. Teaching Assistants Non-prescription safety glasses are provided by the department for Laboratory Teaching Assistants. See your Lab Manager for the procedure for obtaining these plain lens safety glasses, or obtain prescription safety glasses from the vendor of your choice at your own expense.
    2. Non-teaching Assistants Others in a lab must acquire, at their own expense, plain lens safety glasses or goggles from the University Store in the Bryan Center, or obtain prescription safety glasses from the vendor of their choice.
    3. Persons working with Lasers The department also requires that special safety glasses be worn in laser laboratories. Persons using lasers should see their research director for the procedure for obtaining these special glasses.

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    Obtain Key Authorizations

    Before obtaining keys and card access to French, you also need to obtain authorization from the appropriate persons. Download the Key Authorization form.

    1. If you are an entering post-doc, see your research director for assignment to a lab space and authorization of keys.
    2. If you are an undergraduate who will be employed by the chemistry department (UTA, UPRA, lab technician, etc.), see the person employing you for appropriate authorizations.  Please note that Chemistry policies do not permit undergraduate students to be issued keys to labs.
    3. If you are a staff person, see Trish McMillan in Suite 3236, Room 3237 for assignment of space and authorization of keys, etc.
    4. If you are an entering graduate student, you will not be able to complete the key authorization form at this time since your assignment to a lab space and your authorization for lab keys and access to instrument rooms will not occur until you affiliate with a research group (at the end of the first semester). However, your Duke ID card provides access to French Family Science Center after hours.

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    Obtain Card Access / Keys

    1. Required forms: the print out(s) of the confirmation page showing successful completion of online safety certification(s) and the key authorization form signed by your research director or person supervising your employment.
    2. To obtain keys to your research lab or other areas of the building,  bring the required forms to staff in Room 3236.
      • No deposit will be required for those persons who are permanent Duke employees such as faculty, departmental, and technical personnel.
      • A deposit of $10.00 per key will be required for Adjunct Professors, "Private Employees" (those not paid by Chemistry Department funds), temporary employees, Senior Research Associates, Research Associates, and graduate students. Deposits will be accepted by cash in the correct amount only or by check made payable to Duke University. The deposit will be refunded to you in cash when the keys are returned at the end of your residency and you have completed the termination procedure (See section L).
    3. Upon receipt of the appropriate deposit (if required), key(s) will be issued or, if a key is not immediately available, notification will be sent to you by e-mail when it may be picked up.
    4. Having access to the instrument rooms assumes that you will use only those instruments for which you have been trained and certified by Dr. Peter Silinski or his designate.

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    Order Copy Card

    Departmental policy states that copy cards may be issued to faculty and staff only.  Copy cards may be issued to others on an exception basis.  The application for a copy card is processed during the hire process by Janet Rosenthal in Room 1217.  A Copy Card Application Form must be completed containing written authorization and fund code assignment by the Administrative Manager or a research director. Cards are ordered on Friday of each week and issued 5-7 days from that day. There is a 4.0 cent charge against the fund code for each copy made with your card. If a card is lost or stolen, it should be reported to Mrs. Rosenthal immediately so that unauthorized copies cannot be made using the card. The lost or stolen card will be cancelled and a new card issued.

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