French Family Science Center


  • Cars From 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily cars with a parking permit may be parked in legal spaces in the Chemistry parking lot. Cars that are parked illegally at any time of the day or night such as at the loading dock or in a 24/7 reserved space will be ticketed and/or towed. After 5:00 PM daily and all weekend, cars may also be parked in the Physics and Circuit parking lot.
  • Bicycles and Motorcycles Bicycles should be locked up in the racks provided. Motorcycles must be parked in regular designated motorcycle parking areas. Any motorcycle parked illegally will be ticketed and/or towed by the campus police.

Locking Times of Building

During the academic year the doors to the building are locked from 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM daily and remain locked Saturdays and Sundays. While in summer session the building is locked at 5:30 PM. During the above times card access is required.

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Smoke-free Facility

Duke is a smoke-free work environment. Smoking is prohibited within all Duke University and Medical Center facilities. For more information about this policy and resources for quitting, please go to the Human Resources website.

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Use of Research Space

The space assigned to a graduate student is used only for research and study. Only those personal items which are necessary to the pursuit of graduate study should be kept in the laboratory. Food and refrigerators for food should be kept in the lounge (Room 1234). Bicycles should not occupy research space (see item 1 above).

  • Radios or other audio equipment may only be used in laboratories with the approval of the research director and at such a level that they are not audible outside the room.
  • Visitors The University does not allow children under the age of thirteen years into any research building, facility, laboratory or any other area where hazards associated with research might exist, unless the parent/guardian has the specific written approval of the Departmental Chairman. 

Graduate students who are serving as teaching assistants and/or are involved in tutoring, should arrange to meet students in locations other than their research laboratories. There are many areas throughout the building which may be used for this purpose.

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Room / Space Reservations

  • Conference Rooms Reservations for the use of conference rooms in the building are handled by Christiana Conti. Three of the conference rooms in French that are available by reservation have built-in LCD projection systems: rooms 3225 and 5316 have an LCD monitor with laptop connections, while room 3232 has an overhead projection system with laptop connections. For technical assistance with this equipment contact the administrative staff who handle reservations. The Department also has three portable LCD projectors. These items are located in Suite 3236. A reservation checkout system is used for this equipment. See administrative personnel in Suite 3236 for details.
  • Other rooms or areas Requests for reservations of rooms 2231 (the lecture hall attached to French) and 2237 (the seminar room next to the Cafe) should go directly to the Registrar's Classroom Events Calendar.  Reservations for the atrium and outside areas should be made by sending a completed reservation request form to Trish McMillan (trish.mcmillan@duke.edu) and copy Spencer Harris (spencer.a.harris@duke.edu).  Once availability is confirmed, housekeeping services must approve and receive a fully completed/sign IR for housekeeping services.  After housekeeping approvals are in place, the Chemistry Administrative Manager will approve the reservation.  Your reservation is not final until you receive a signed reservation form.  Please note that Chemistry does not make any other arrangements such as building access on behalf of the user nor do we supply tables, chairs or easels. It is the responsibility of the user to make all other arrangements.  Please read the policies included in the reservation request thoroughly.

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Graduate Student Lounge

There is a lounge for graduate student use located in Room 1234, which is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave.

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Maintenance Information

Persons noting equipment or material break-downs in the building should report these by e-mail to Trish McMillan (trish.mcmillan@duke.edu), Janet Rosenthal (janet.rosenthal@duke.edu) or Christiana Gooden (c.conti@duke.edu). After hours and weekend problems which you feel should be corrected before the next working day should be reported by telephone to 919-684-2122. (Almost always you will get a recording, but state your message and when the maintenance personnel returns, it should be addressed). Emergency maintenance calls should be placed to the Campus Police, phone 911 (from landline) or 919-684-2444 (from a cell phone). Eric Fulk is the Building Manager for French and is located in Room 1133. He can be reached by calling (919) 796-2483.

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The Chemistry Department participates in Duke's recycling program. Bins for recycling are located throughout the building. Please help conserve resources by recycling.

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Nearly every year there are thefts of money and equipment from laboratories and offices. The problem is becoming increasingly serious. Do not leave your billfold in the pocket of your coat when you hang it up, or do not leave your purse in a position where it can be seen from the door. These and other valuable items (e.g., cameras) should be put in laboratory cupboards or drawers so that only you know where they are. Report any suspicious persons immediately to the Duke Police, phone 911 (from landline) or 919-684-2444 (from a cell phone). During those hours when the doors are locked, if you encounter a stranger in a secured area, do not challenge the person. Go to a phone out of sight of the stranger and call the Duke Police, phone 911(from landline) or 919-684-2444 (from a cell phone). Request that an officer be sent to investigate the matter.

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