Department Services


Campus and U.S. mail is picked up and delivered once a day, usually in the early afternoon. There is a mail drop-off box in Room 3236 to the right of the main doors for all outgoing mail.

  1. For Campus Mail, the University uses box numbers to deliver mail. Box numbers for the Department of Chemistry are shown below.
    Category Box Number
    Faculty (includes emeritus, adjunct and visiting) 90346
    Staff 90347
    Graduate Students 90348
    Undergraduate students 90354
    Default for the department 90354
    Research Staff (Postdocs, Res. Tech., Lab. Research Analysts) 90349
    Chemistry Storeroom 90350

    Using the required University address format, a graduate students' address should appear as follows: Name French Family Science Center Duke University Box 90348 Durham, NC 27708-0348 The last two lines must look exactly as above.

  2. Items of a personal nature should not be sent Parcel Post or UPS to Chemistry unless clearly marked PERSONAL with your room number in the French building.
  3. Mail received in French for residents of the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC) will be placed in a shared mailbox for pickup at the recipient's convenience.


The department has a scheduled, daily pickup by FedEx in French Suite 3236 occurring between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, with the exception of University holidays.

  • In compliance with the new Export Controls Regulations, the Department has designated one administrative staff member, Sakiya Lockett, to assist in the shipment of FedEx. Please see Sakiya to ship a package via FedEx. Please have the following information available: Recipient name, address and phone number; type of package (FedEx envelope, FedEx box or your own packaging); estimated package weight; delivery method (overnight, two-day, ground); and charge code. Please speak with your laboratory safety representative for instructions on how to receive shipping clearance through the Safety Office.  Your shipment must be cleared for shipment by the Safety Office prior to contacting Sakiya.

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Telephones are located in each office and laboratory. 

  • Local calls outside of the Duke phone system require the area code plus the 7 digit phone number.
  • To place a call to another extension within the French building, dial the entire 7-digit number. For long distance numbers dial 1, area code and telephone number; for overseas numbers dial 011, country code, city code and telephone number.
  • In case of emergency in French Family Science Center, dial 911 if calling from a department phone (land line from offices or labs). If you are calling from a cell phone, dial 684-2444 for Duke emergency. Note: Dialing 911 from a cell phone connects with Durham emergency services and not Duke emergency services. If the emergency is on campus, calling Durham emergency delays the response time significantly since the call has to be relayed to Duke.
  • To request telephone repairs or report telephone problems you may submit a repair ticket to OIT or inform Ms. Rosenthal at 660-1527 or janet.rosenthal@duke.edu.

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The Department has a fax machine located in Suite 3236 for administrative or research purposes. The fax number is: 919-660-1605.

  • Receiving faxes If a fax is received for you at this number, the fax will be placed in your mailbox outside of Suite 3236. If you are expecting an urgent fax and would like to be notified when it is received, please inform one of the staff in the main office.
  • Sending faxes To submit a fax for transmission, fill out a cover sheet and a transmission form, all located in Suite 3236 beside the fax machine. The Department covers the cost of the monthly telephone line charge, fax paper and service contract. Long distance toll charges are not covered by the Department. When submitting a fax for transmission, indicate the code to which the long distance call should be charged.

When your fax is ready to send, place it in the feed tray face up; dial the number and press the send button. For faxes sent to local numbers dial the 7-digit telephone number; for long distance numbers dial 1, area code and telephone number; for overseas numbers dial 011, country code, city code and telephone number. Once the fax has been transmitted a confirmation sheet will be printed. If you experience any difficulties, please see a member of the staff.

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Generally when a NetID is assigned the e-mail account is enabled. If you have your NetID and your @duke.edu e-mail account has not been set up you can call the OIT Help Desk at 684-2200 to enable your account. For further information concerning e-mail visit the OIT website.

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Copy machines in FFSC for the Chemistry Department are located in Rooms 1219, 1243, 2106, 3223, 3239, and 5312. Speak with your research advisor or supervisor to find out which copier you should use. Copy machines are activated by use of a departmental issued copy card to be used if the material to be copied is connected with research or teaching. The cost is charged to the card holder's account. Please note that personal copying on departmental copiers is allowed, provided a DukeCard is used. Any materials copied that are connected with your course work such as journal articles, class notes, sections of reference books, etc., should be considered as personal use.

  • Room 1219 This copy machine is located in the Undergraduate Suite and should be used for copying of teaching materials. Please see Janet Rosenthal in Room 1217 for use of this machine.
  • Rooms 2106, 3223 and 5312 These copy machines are located inside faculty suites and should be used with permission of one of the faculty members located in that suite.
  • Suite 3236, room 3239, Administrative Office The use of this machine is restricted to faculty, administrative and technical staff of the department. However, students having an authorized copy card may have copies made on this machine if other copiers are out of order. Please see office personnel in Suite 3236 for assistance. Under no circumstances should students or research associates enter the mail room.
  • View the list of additional copier locations outside of FFSC.

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  • The department has printers for printing color pages. Please see Printing at Chemistry IT Support for more information.
  • The print machine located outside room 1243 is for free ePrint services only and requires two items described earlier: a DukeCard and a NetID.

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Lost and Found

Inquiries concerning lost items should be made in suite 3236. Articles found should also be turned in there. An effort will be made to notify owners of personally identifiable items; other items will be dated. After three months, unclaimed and unidentifiable objects will be given away.

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