Hargrove Group


Spring 2018

2018-03-08: Emily receives the CBTE Kewaunee Student Service Award. Congratulations!
2018-03-08: Emily and Aline present posters at the CBTE Kewaunee poster session.
2018-02-20: Dr. H is awarded the NSF CAREER award. The lab celebrates with champagne!
2018-02-13: Happy birthday to Alex!
2018-02-12: Happy birthday to Mala!
2018-02-09: Happy birthday to Brittany!
2018-01-25: The lab celebrates Brittany receiving the Dean’s award for excellence in mentoring and becoming a University of Michigan’s Life Sciences Fellow for her upcoming post-doctoral position with Anna Mapp. Congrats, Brittany!
2018-01-03: First year Chemistry graduate students Martina Zafferani and Alex (Zhengguo) Tsai join the Hargrove lab. Welcome!

Fall 2017

12-16-17: The Hargrove Lab Annual Holiday Party is a great success again. Happy Holidays, everyone!

12-15-17: Happy Birthday, Sarah!

12-04-17: Happy Birthday, Angie!

11-28-17: The lab celebrates Chris' paper and Jordan's medical school acceptances!

11-17-17: Bilva Sanaba and Rachel Dverin present posters at the ACS local section meeting. Bilva wins a poster award in the undergraduate division. Great job representing the lab, Bilva and Rachel!

11-07-17: Anita passes her prop exam!

10-21-17: Emily receives the Biochemistry Department Service Award. Congratulations!

2017-10-16: Dr. Sean Piwarski's first day as a postdoc in the Hargrove Lab! Welcome.

2017-10-15: Happy birthday to Anita!

2017-10-09: Anita wins Best Lightning Talk award at the GCC Symposium. Congrats!

Summer 2017

2017-08-22: Hargrove Lab attends the National ACS Conference in DC!

2017-08-21: Happy Birthday, Chris!

2017-08-17: Champagne celebration of Brittany's and Jordan's paper!

2017-05-31: Happy Birthday to Aline!

Spring 2017
2017-05-14: Jason Xu and Rebecca Culver graduate with distinction from Duke’s Chemistry and Biology departments, respectively. Congratulations to both!

2017-04-28: Angela Liu and Diane Karloff present posters at the WiSE symposium!

2017-04-24: The Hargrove lab attends the NCI RNA Biology Symposium in Bethesda, MD.

2017-04-20 and 04-14: We have two more PhD candidates! Congratulations to Aline and Sarah on passing their prelims.
2017-04-13: Rebecca Culver, Jason Xu, Diane Karloff and Bilva Sanaba present their research at the URS Visible Thinking poster session.

2017-04-01: Happy Birthday, Neeraj!

2017-01-04: The first Hargrove Lab group retreat takes place at the Nasher Museum!

Fall 2016
2016-12-27: Happy Birthday to Sarah!

2016-12-05: Happy Birthday to Angie!

2016-11-28: Happy birthday to Dr. Hargrove!

2016-11-14: Emily passes her prelim. Congrats, PhD candidate!

2016-11-04: Chris passes his prop exam. Congrats!

2016-11-03: Happy Birthday, Jordan!

2016-10-31: Hargrove Lab group social at the Food Truck Rodeo!

2016-09 -06: Group trip to Scrap Exchange - everyone’s looking for safety goggles!

Summer 2016
2016-07-01: July group social - hike and cookout at the Eno river trail!

2016-05-31: Happy Birthday to Aline and Emily!

Spring 2016

2016-04-22: Anita passes her prelim!

2016-04-20: Becca and Jason present posters at Duke’s Visible Thinking event!

2016-02-22: Hargrove lab goes to Trivia night at The Tavern and wins a karaoke machine! 

Fall 2015

2015-15-31: Happy Birthday, Sarah!

2015-11-05: Group Social: Bowling!

2015-11-03: Brittany passes her propositional exam! Congratulations! AND Happy birthday to Jordan!

2015-10-15: Happy Birthday, Anita!

2015-10-09: Hargrove Lab adopts a lemur — Meet Pompeia, a Coquerel’s Sifaka!

2015-09-19: Group Social at the Duke Lemur Center!

Summer 2015

2015–08-21: Happy Birthday, Chris!

2015-07-31: Roza presents her research at the BioCoRE symposium poster session!

2015-07-11: Durham Bulls Game!

2015-07-10: Group dinner at Geer Street Garden!

2015-06-20: Brittany’s first day of wearing a white coat - It’s biology time!

2015-05-23: Chris gets married! Congratulations to him and Amber.

Spring 2015

2015-05-10: Congratulations to Barbara, David, and Jordan on graduation! 

2015-4-24: Group Social - Cookout Dinner and Game Night at Gary’s! 

2015-04-23: Chris passes his Prelim! Go Team BFU!

2015-4-10: Brittany presents at the WiSE symposium!

2015-3-11: Lab goes to the NIH Conference in DC!


Fall 2014

2014-11-20: Brittany passes her Prelim!

2014-08-01: Becca’s poster at the IGSP poster session!

2014-11-07: Jordan, Becca, and Barbara at the local ACS conference poster session! 

Group Social: Pumpkin Patching

Group Social: Mini Golf

Summer 2014

Durham Bulls Baseball Game

Spring 2014

March Madness: Barbara's bracket won!

Who's Ready for Seminar?!

Group Bowling, February 2014

We all broke 100!

Chris and Vehasa at the hood

Fall 2013

Hargrove Lab Open House, October 2013

Brittany and Young-Hyun at the bench

Our first experiment!

Cleaning Out and Moving In! August, 2013