Asymmetric Synthesis Enabled by Catalytic Reactions of Boron Reagents
Professor James P. Morken (Boston College, Department of Chemistry)
Host: Professor Steve Malcolmson
Friday, November 17, 2017 - 11:40am to 1:10pm
Location: French Family Science Center 2237
Rosenthal, Janet

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Abstract:  Chiral organoboronic esters are well known as versatile intermediates for chemical synthesis.  Not only are these compounds stable under a variety of reaction conditions, they are generally non-toxic and can be transformed with minimal generation of hazardous waste.  An important feature of aliphatic organoboronic esters is that the boron atom may be replaced with an array of different functional groups through efficient, stereospecific transformations. 

This seminar will present new strategies for the construction of alkyl boronic esters from simple starting materials in a catalytic enantioselective fashion.  Particular attention will be placed on recently developed methods that allow for practical and economical borylation reactions, as well as the development of methods for employing these transformations to address unmet challenges in chemical synthesis.