News + Announcements
  • Dr. Ken Lyle Recognized for Outreach Accomplishments

    Dr. Ken Lyle was named the NC ACS 2015 Outreach Volunteer of the Year.  Dr. Lyle has directed Duke Chemistry's Outreach program since its inception in 2005. Recently, under Dr. Lyle's leadership, the Duke Chemistry Outreach program was also selected to receive this year’s Dean’s Leadership Award from the College of Arts and Sciences at Duke, in recognition not only of curricular contributions but also of the connections that Dr. Lyle and the Duke Chemistry Outreach program have built across campus and our local community.

  • Beratan Awarded 2015 Herty Medal

    Chemistry professor David Beratan will receive the 2015 Charles H. Herty Medal, an annual award given by the Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society.  The Herty Medal publicly recognizes the work and services of chemists who have contributed significantly to their chosen field.

  • Crumbliss and Kreulen receive 2015 ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award

    Al Crumbliss and Tim Kreulen (B.S.

  • Welcome, Dr. Kevin Welsher!

    The Department is delighted to announce that Dr. Kevin Welsher will join the Department as an Assistant Professor on July 1. Dr. Welsher is pushing the limits of 3D single-particle tracking technology to unmask the behavior of single molecules in vivo. Dr. Welsher's expertise is in the field of biophysical chemistry and nanomaterials; he will further expand the excellence and impact of our growing department.  

  • Professor Warren is selected to receive the 2015 C.E.K. Mees Medal

    The award is being given to Professor Warren in recognition for his work on "the development of controlled laster pulses and nonlinear imaging techniques to enable applications ranging from clinical diagnostics to scientific analysis of Renaissance artwork.” The Mees Medal is given by the Optical Society of America onl