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  • Postdoc Rene Raphemot Recognized

    Congratulations to Dr. Rene Raphemot, now a postdoctoral associate in the Derbyshire lab, who has has won a Mitchell Meritorious Research Travel Award from the Duke’s Center's Host-Microbial Interactions Center and the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Department.  Dr.

  • GCC Students Organize Career Panel

    Chemistry graduate students Zeenat Razvi, Samuel Alvarez, and Ryenne Ogburn recently organized a panel discussion on non-traditional careers for STEM PhDs.  Read more about this Graduate Chemistry Council (GCC) sponsored event here.


  • Women in Chemistry Brunch

    Thanks to the support of the Chemistry Major's Union, WiSE and the Department, the first Women in Chemistry Brunch was held on Friday, April 24.  The event, an integrative, networking brunch for undergraduate and graduate women in Chemistry, included our female faculty and lab managers as well.


  • Zack Scholl Receives Fellowship Award

    Zackary Scholl, a member of the Yang group, has been awarded the Katherine Goodman Stern Fellowship by the Graduate School for 2015-16.  This competitive fellowship, funded in part from a generous endowment established by Katherine Stern, is awarded to an advanced graduate student in the write-up stage of their dissertation.  Congratulations Zack!




  • Dr. Ken Lyle Recognized for Outreach Accomplishments

    Dr. Ken Lyle was named the NC ACS 2015 Outreach Volunteer of the Year.  Dr. Lyle has directed Duke Chemistry's Outreach program since its inception in 2005. Recently, under Dr. Lyle's leadership, the Duke Chemistry Outreach program was also selected to receive this year’s Dean’s Leadership Award from the College of Arts and Sciences at Duke, in recognition not only of curricular contributions but also of the connections that Dr. Lyle and the Duke Chemistry Outreach program have built across campus and our local community.